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Q: What are the dangers of lax Conscience?
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What is lax conscience andgive example?

A lax conscience is a conscience that is either ignored or underemployed. An example would be if someone's racist or sexually permissive.

What are kinds of conscience?

What are the Kinds of Conscience? hardened lax perplexed

What is lax conscience?

Lax conscious is generally a Catholic term. A lax conscious is an erroneous one when it decides that a sinful act is permissible and not wrong.

What are the dimensions of conscience?

subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience subjective conscience and objective conscience are the two dimensions of conscience

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The class got away with murder because the teacher's discipline was lax. His muscles were lax in sleep.

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'tense, is tightened and 'lax' is loose

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Developing a Well-informed Conscience?


What is the plural of conscience?

The plural of conscience is consciences.

What is opposite of guilty conscience?

A clear conscience.

What is the opposite of a clear conscience?

A "guilty" conscience.

What are the levels of conscience?

there are three levels of conscience based on our book, the fear conscience, moral/ethical conscience and the christian religious conscience. The titles speak of itself. fear conscience because of the fear of being punished. moral conscience is more on the values. Christian religious is more on what God wants you to do.

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