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B.M.X cycling

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Q: What are the cycling events in the Olympics?
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What were the 5 events in the modern Olympics?

discus,swimming,running,javeling and cycling

What are the five main sports in the Olympics?

track events, swimming/diving, cycling, gymnastics and field events

In what country are olympic cycling events held?

In what ever country that gets to host the Summer Olympics.

What events were there in the 1896 Olympics?

Events in the 1896 Games were in athletics, wrestling, cycling, gymnastics, fencing, weightlifting, tennis, swimming, and shooting.

Are there any new EVENTS in the Olympics 2008?

Yes, in fact BMX cycling is a completely new event.

What were the modern olympic events held during the summer Olympics?

the events were Cycling Athletics Fencing Gymastics Weightlifting Swimming Tennis Shooting

When was cycling included in Olympics?

Cycling has been competed at the Olympics since the first Modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

How many timed sports are in the Olympics?

All swimming and track events. Also events in canoeing, equestrian, cycling, rowing, sailing, pentathlon, and triathlon.

What are three forms of cycling in London Olympics?

The forms of cycling in London Olympics wereCyclingBMXMountain bikingRoadTrack

How many golds did Victoria pendleton win in the 2012 Olympics?

She won a Gold Medal for the Keirin and a Silver Medal for the Sprint Cycling Events at the 2012 Olympics

When was the tandem cycling race last held at an Olympics?

Tandem cycling was last held at the Olympics in 1972

What sport did athletes compete in at the very first Olympics?

The first events in the modern Olympics were Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling.

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