What are the curling positions?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The lead throws the first two stones of an end.

The second throws the 3rd and 4th stones.

The vice skip (or "third") throws the 5th and 6th stones.

The skip throws the last two stones.

In addition, the skip acts as the team "captain" and strategist. The skip stands in the house (scoring) area and signals/tells the other players what shot should be thrown, and holds his broom where the shooter should aim.

While the skip is shooting his/her stones, the vice holds the broom in the house, hence the term "vice skip."

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The positions are Lead, Second, Third (Vice Skip) and Skip.

Lead: throws his team's first two rocks. The lead is usually asked to throw guards. The Second and Third sweep the Lead's rocks.

Second: throws his team's 3rd and 4th rocks. The second must be a well-rounded thrower that can throw guards, draws, or takeouts when needed. The Lead and Third sweep the Second's rocks.

Third (Vice Skip): throws his team's 5th and 6th rocks. The third must be a well-rounded thrower as well as have the ability to judge the "line" or path of a rock as it travels down the ice, because the Third stands in the house, taking the place of the Skip, when the Skip throws his rocks. The Skip and the Third will often discuss strategy together, so the Third should be the second most-experienced player on the team. The Lead and Second sweep the Third's rocks.

Skip: the leader of the team, and usually the most experienced player. The Skip spends most of his time in the house (the scoring area) making the shot calls and holding the broom for the throwing player to aim at. The Skip throws his team's last two rocks, and thus must be good at making shots under pressure. While the skip throws his rocks, the Third takes his place in the house, holding the broom, and the Lead and Second sweep.

In competitive curling, teams will often take along a 5th player, called the Alternate, that can sub in to a tournament if one of the normal players gets injured or sick.

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The positions are Lead, Second, Third (Vice-skip), and Skip. Each player "throws" (slides down the ice) two stones for his team in each "end" (round).

The Lead throws the first two stones for his team. The Second throws the 3rd and 4th stone for his team. The Third throws the 5th and 6th stones for his team.

The Skip throws the last two stones for his team, and also acts as the team captain. So, the skip spends most of his time at the opposite end of the ice, calling the shots and showing the thrower where to aim.

The Third is also called the "Vice skip" because he acts as the Skip when the Skip throws his own two stones.

Whichever two players are not the thrower nor the skip sweep the stone.

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Lead- Throughs their rocks first Second- Throughs their rocks second Vice/Third- Throughs their rocks third Skip- Throughs their rocks Fourth Each player throughs 2 rocks per end

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Q: What are the curling positions?
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