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Miami Orange Bowl (University of Miami) II, III, V, X, XIII

Tulane Stadium (Tulane) IV, VI, IX

Rice Stadium (Rice) VIII

Rose Bowl Sadium (UCLA) XI, XIV, XVII, XXI, XXVII

Stanford Stadium (Stanford University) XIX

Jack Murphy Stadium (San Diego State) XXII

Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona State University) XXX

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Through Super Bowl XLII - 1) Tulane Stadium - Super Bowls IV, VI, and IX.

2) Rice Stadium - Super Bowl VIII.

3) Stanford Stadium - Super Bowl XIX.

4) Sun Devil Stadium - Super Bowl XXX.

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"Any stadium can hold a super bowl,the league picks what stadiums they want to be in though..."

That's partially true...the NFL can pretty much pick whichever stadium it wants to host the game, but the league does have specific requirement as to who hosts a Super Bowl game.

A. The stadium has to be home to a current NFL team...

B. The stadium has to seat at least 70,000 people...

C. The average temperature has to be at least 50 degrees at Super Bowl time, or the game has to be played in a dome (retractable roof domed stadiums count)...

D. There has to be at least 24,500 hotel rooms within a 1 hour drive of the host site.

Of course, the NFL can waiver any of its requirements and pick a host stadium if it feels the place will benefit...such as placing Super Bowl XLVIII (48) at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (home of the New York Giants and Jets), but for the most part...any forseeable future site for a Super Bowl game must meet those requirements.

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California, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota.

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Q: What are the college campus stadiums to host a Super Bowl?
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Where is the Super Bowl held at?

In famous and large stadiums (Superdome, Florida Stadiums, and So Cal stadiums).

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other games played at other stadiums, the tickets bought during the season pay for the super bowl.

When is the Super Bowl coming to ga?

The Falcons have to put in a bid for the Super Bowl to be held at their stadium. The selection is usually made about 3-4 years before the city actually hosts the Super Bowl. Also, indoor stadiums have a much better chance of being selected than outdoor stadiums.

What are the names of the domed stadiums that have had the super bowl?

Ga dome, Super dome, astro dome, Seattle dome.

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Can the Super Bowl be played in one of the opposing Teams Stadiums?

I don't think so! I Believe Not!

Which two stadiums hold the record for hosting the most Super Bowls?

The New Orleans Superdome has hosted 6 Super Bowls and both the Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl has hosted 5.

Has Arkansas went to a Super Bowl and won?

Arkansas is a college team and does not play in the NFL's Super Bowl.

What quarterbacks from the same college met in Super Bowl?

It has never happened in the same Super Bowl game.

Where have all the Super Bowls taken place?

In a stadium. The location for a given super bowl is determined several years in advance by the NFL, with many cities with stadiums vying for the bid. Super Bowl locations are determined by the hosting capabilities of the stadium and city.

What college or university has produced the most Super Bowl players since the conception of the Super Bowl?

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