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Some of the cheapest, most scenic golf courses in the U.S. are The Lodge Resort, in Cloudcraft, New Mexico; Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda, Montana; and The Links of North Dakota in Ray, ND.

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Q: What are the cheapest golf courses in the nation?
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You can find cheap golf lessons from a community golf course. They are much cheaper at community golf courses that at a country club. The cheapest way to learn golf is from family and friends.

How can I find the cheapest golf courses and equipment?

This is going to depend on your location, as well as access to your own equipment. You can do searches in your local area for discount golf courses, these may have added fees so just be mindful.

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How many golf courses in US?

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As of 2011, there are 379 golf courses in Massachusetts. This includes 9 hole, 18 hole and Par 3/exec courses. There are 127 Private golf courses and 252 Public/Semi Private courses.

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