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For the arms there is the curl, the wrist curl which works the forearm. For the pecs, you can do the bench, pec-deck and push ups help. And for the abs leg raises work them and crunches. Also V-situps work really well.

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Q: What are the best work outs for your arm muscles pecs and abs and your only 15?
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What does pecs mean?

Pecs is a shortened version of "pectorals" --the chest muscles above the "abs" (abdominal muscles).

Why are pectoral muscles called pecs?

pectoral muscles are called pecs because it is an abbreviation for pectoral there is no reason its just easier to say.

Where is the pictorial muscle?

You mean the pectoral muscles, aka pecs. They're your chest muscles.

What are pectorales majors?

Aka "Pecs". They are the muscles covering your breastbone.

What is the definition of PECs?

"Pec" is slang for the pectoral muscles over the chest.

What are some muscles?

you have the forearms, bicepts, tricepts, pecs, back, quads, hams, glutes, and lats

A body builder working on his pecs is building up the pectoral muscles in what part of the body?


What kind of muscles are found covering your skeleton?

Skelatal muscles. there are three types of muscles Smooth (linining the digestive system) Cardiac (your heart) and Skelatal (triceps biceps pecs)

How do you move your pecs?

Well, some people say the only way to move them is just like genetics such as moving your ears or nose eyebrows etc but! get your pectoral muscles bigger and then you will build a mind/muscles thing to your friends

What are the examples of pecs?

I dont know what is pecs ! Ako nga ang nag hahanap eh kung ano ang mga example ng pecs ... Reynaldo amistoso only!

Does doing push-ups increase your chest size?

Yes, the exercise will build up the size of the pectoral muscles ("pecs").

Which major muscle group is worked when you do push up's?

Petorial muscles