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A 10 year old boy should not be a large amount of strength exercises. Weights should be kept to a minimum. The best exercises for a 10 year old are simple exercises like pushups and squats and bicep curls with light weights. These exercises will work most parts your arms and legs. Proper strength training at a gym should not be attempted until you are at least 13-14 as it can cause damage that will become apparent later in life.

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Q: What are the best strength building exercises for a 10 year old boy?
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a 15 year old can do strength and cardio training, certainly on of this size and weight. the type and method of training is especially important due to the age. best to focus on body weight exercises, agility work, and utilizing resistance bands to develop basic lifting fundamentals. if there is a sport specific reason for the training, additional targeted exercises should be included.

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For someone of that age, it would not be beneficial for one to perform exercises with heavy weights, as that may stunt growth. Warming up by jogging for five minutes then performing stretches then performing exercises is generally how working out is done. For strength exercises I recommend doing bodyweight exercises like: crunches, pushups, squats, and lunges.

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