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The best cards to collect would be cards that you would enjoy. You might want to look into the old Tobacco & candy cards. It would make an interesting collection, and an historic look into the past. There are many collectors just discovering these cards, and collectors for the cards are growing by the day. This will also bring a rise in the value of the cards, as more collectors join the market.

Baseball cards were sought of an advertising premium to help promote a product. It all began with the images of baseball players on cards sold with tobacco products in the 1880's. Some of the earliest Tobacco companies from the 1900's included Old Mill Cigarettes, Turkey Red Cigarettes, Piedmont, Cycle, and Sweet Caporal.

Candy companies soon got into the act, names such as The American Caramel co., Zeenuts, and lets not forget Cracker Jack. The Goudey Gum co. produced cards from 1933 to 1941 and by this time the baseball card industry took on a life of its own with the increasing popularity of the cards as collectibles. The modern day Cards issued by companies like Bowman, and Topps Took baseball cards to the next level.

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Q: What are the best old baseball cards to look for?
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