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nike shocks

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Q: What are the best football boots or shoes on the market for a receiver?
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Do you wear football boots for touch football?

No you don't need to wear football boots, you could wear running shoes.

What is the name of the shoes for playing soccer?

football boots

What are football boots used for?

Football boots are for gripping muddy ground and the obvious, which is as shoes that are durable and won't come undone while playing,

What is the name of the soccer shoes?

In the UK they're just called football boots

What kinds of shoes do the football players wear?

They were studded shoes to support them when running on the grass. This gives them a better grip. SO they were studs (football boots)

Do you mean that grooves means spikes of shoes?

The grooves on the soles of shoes and boots are known as the treads. Running shoes may have spikes for grip on grass running tracks. Football boots have studs, also for grip on an often slippery, grass football pitch.

What type of shoes can you purchase from boots size 3?

There are many types of shoes that can be purchased in a size 3. Boots such as knee highs or thigh highs are types of shoes which are quite long in length compared to most common shoes. There are different styles of boots too, such as Wellington boots (generally made of rubber), Ugg boots (made from sheepskin) and cowboy boots (generally made from cowhide leather). There are also sport styled shoes, designed for particular sports and athletics. For example, football boots would be purchased to wear when playing football.

How do the studs on the football boots and the spikes on running shoes help the athletes?

increase friction

What are football shoes?

Depends what surface you're playing on. They can be called cleats, or boots, or spikes.

What is the target market for Sugar Shoes?

Sugar Shoes make ladies fashion shoes and boots for the younger age group or the young at heart. They are colourful, often patterned and tasseled shoes and boots and the styles change during and with the seasons.

How many comapnys make football boots?

There are three main companies who make football shoes , they are Adidas, Rebook and Lotto.

What are football shoes called?

Depends what surface you're playing on. They can be called cleats, or boots, or spikes.

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