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People come to watch the cricket which brings alot of tourists just to watch the cricket. Also during the cricket they tend to show some views around the country the cricket is in which might trick some people into going there

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Q: What are the benefits to a cricket world cup host nation?
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Which is the first current Test cricket playing nation to host the ICC Mini World Cup?

Sri Lanka

Does the host nation get to name the football of the world cup?

does the host nation in footballs world cu get to name the football

Which host countries had lost cricket world cup final?

no host country lost the world cup

Where will the next cricket World Cup be held?

2011 world cup cricket will host in India,srilanka, and Bangladesh

What is host country of world cup cricket 1996?

Pakistan,India and Sri Lanka host world cup cricket 1996.Sri Lanka won their first title in 1996.

Which is the ground to host the most no of matches in Cricket World Cups?

Headingley, Leeds(England) is the ground to host the most no of matches in cricket world cup .and the total number of matches held is 12

Who will host the 2011 cricket World Cup?

INDIA,BANGLADESH AND SRI LANKA will host the upcoming world cup in 2011

Who was the first country to host cricket world cup?


When will you know who will host the 2023 cricket world cup?


Who will host cricket world cup 2015?

Australia and Newzealand

Which country host in icc cricket world cup 2015?


Which were the host teams that competed in cricket world cup final?


Who will host the 2015 cricket World Cup?

2015 cricket world cup will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. There is a slight chance it may be your mother

What are the benefits for the host of the country for the world cup?

there are none

Which country will host opening ceremony of icc cricket world cup?


What country will host 2011 world cup cricket?

i pritty sure its India

How many matches did India host in the 1996 Cricket World Cup?


Which country host 1st ICC cricket world cup?

England in 1975

What nation's release of Aladdin did Disney re-cut to have the genie appear as a cricket commentator instead of a game-show host?


Which date the cricket world cup 2011 will star?

February 18, 2011 will see the opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup 2011. Bangladesh will host the same.

The only world cup final not held in the capital city of the host nation?

I think it is Tokyo that did not host the world cup in 2002.

What country will host the 2014 cricket world cup tournaments?

It's not 2014 it's 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. It will be hosted by Australia & New Zealand.

Which country will host the 2011 Cricket world cup?

India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

Which is the host place of ICC cricket world cup 2015?

Australia, New Zealand

Where in which country will the next world cup cricket be?

in 2015,Australia and new zealand will host