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Losing weight

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Q: What are the benefits of playing field hockey?
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What is the most important piece of equipment for playing field hockey?

The hockey stick

How big is the playing field for hockey?

Ice hockey is not played on a field. Other than the odious "Winter Classic outdoor games. Anyone have the info for field hockey?

What are physical benefits to be gained from playing field hockey?

Field Hockey is a very aerobic sport, so it promotes healthy weight, heart health, good metabolism, etc.It also contributes to good eye/hand coordination and peripheral vision.

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

How many deaths have there been playing field hockey?


When did females begin playing field hockey?

Exactly when is hard to tell, but the first women's field hockey club was founded in 1887. The first women's field hockey national association was in Ireland in 1894.

How many people have died whilst playing field hockey?


What events can you win a gold medal in hockey?

You can win a gold medal in hockey only by playing hockey. There are two kinds of hockey events: ice hockey (winter) and field hockey (summer).

Who lifted the ball off the ground in field hockey?

What are some of the physical benefits to be derived from handball

Can you wear earrings while playing field hockey?

unfortunately not so i advise if you want to get another hole in your ear to wait until after field hockey season!!

What is the field called for a hockey game?

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

Are boys more aggressive than girls wile playing field hockey?

Depends on who you are.

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