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Playing sports in college can help college athletes get better and expand their skills so they can play sports for money. Like how people play college football and have better chances to play in the CFL, NFL, or European football than someone straight out of high school. Same in all sports.

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Q: What are the benefits of big time college sports?
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Kansas and Kansas State (College) basketball is big.

What does Big Time Rush do for sports?

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Who has the most college hockey wins?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I seriously doubt that any college basketball team has won a college hockey game.

What college did Alexander Graham Bell go to?

Talson because he played many sports along with his big career but did not succeed in any of the sports he planned on playing.

Why college athletes should not be paid?

They do not get paid because the sports are for fun with friends and practice for the big league.

Which Texas college has won the most total Big 12 championships in all sports combined?

The Texas Longhorns

Which college football conferences have championship games?

The Big 12, SEC, and ACC have conference championship games; the PAC 10, Big East, and Big 10 do not. I found the answer here:

Which television networks provide college football coverage?

ESPN U, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Big Ten Network, ESPN, Fox College Sports, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, Versus, ESPN 2, and there used to be a cable channel called MountainWest Sports Network that would play football games from teams in the Mountain West Conference.

What sports did Ulysses S. Grant play in college?

What you think of as sports were not part of college life in Grant's day. Colleges did not have football and basketball or even baseball teams. Grant was an excellent horseman, but that was more of a useful military skill than a sport. He was not very big, so he would probably not have been a college athlete if he had lived later after West Point started inter-collegiate sports competition.

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What kinds of sports are featured in Chicago Tribune newspaper?

All types of sports. Professional sports including the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS. College sports, especially big games. The olympics, golf and tennis tournaments, horse racing, fishing updates, NASCAR. Basically anything newsworthy. High school sports from regional school.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in Big East men's college basketball?

Lawrence Moten of Syracuse is the big east all time leading scorer.

What kind of sports were played in 1910?

Baseball also known as Americas Past time was big then.

When did Big Beach Sports happen?

Big Beach Sports happened in 2008.

What are some college sports in Montana?

Montana State University located in Bozeman is the state's largest university in Montana. The university fields 15 sports in the Big Sky Conference.

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Where can someone find news on the Big 12 Championship?

The Big 12 is a class A conference of the National College Athletic Association. Information on the Big 12 Championship can generally be found on sports oriented websites and television channels and in general news media as well as sports magazines. The official site of the conference, Big12Sports, is probably the most reliable source for timely information.

What are some channels like fuel tv?

A couple of television networks that are related Fuel TV include Big Ten Network, Fox College Sports, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Sports Net, Fox Sports en Espanol, Speed Channel.

When was Big Beach Sports created?

Big Beach Sports was created on 2008-06-24.

Why sports a waste of time?

Here is why, because sports are.....YOU IDIOT! sports aren't a waste of time! Just because you might not be athletic, doesn't mean you can't play a sport like,....well SPORTS aren't a waste of time:] ENJOY!!! :] amn i was lieing dude sport sucks bit time so all you sport people lay off fat people sport sucks big time.

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Who are the big 6 athletic conferences in college sports?

When it comes to college sports there are six major conferences. The six conferences are the big east, ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and the Pac 10. The big east has teams like Connecticut, West Virginia, Syraucse, Cincinnati, Villanova. The Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) has teams like Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest. The Big 12 has teams like Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma State. The Big Ten has teams like Purdue, Iowa, Penn State, Indiana, Illinois. Lastly, the Pac Ten has teams like UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington St. There are the six major conferences, but when it comes to the March Madness in college basketball watch out for the mid major conferences (OVC, MVC,Ivy league, etc)