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one Basketball term is traveling . Another is air-ball. Another is brick. Another is half-court shot.

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2010-02-19 01:14:41
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Q: What are the basketball terms?
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What is the definition of terms in basketball?

definitions and terms in basketball

What are the terms commonly used in basketball?

Look on this websiteglossary-of-basketball-terms

Terminologies of basketball?

There are many terms that are used in basketball, including team, coach, and basket. Score, free throw, court, and foul are also terms that are heard in basketball.

What are the terminologies in basketball?

Click on the 'Basketball Glossary' link on this page to see the basketball terms from the book Basketball Made Simple.

What is traveling in basketball terms?

Dribbling my hommie.

What are the terms in basketball?

Here are some commonly used terms: traveling-when a person "travels", or walks, with the basketball. j-jump shot. As in, "He hit the j!"

What is the full form of the abbreviation NBA in terms of basketball?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association.

What does cba stand for in text?

Can't Be Assessed. But in basketball terms, it stands for Continental Basketball Association.

What are some common terms in basketball?

Rebound, Dribble, shot, travel, free throws ( there are more on this website

What is the meaning of dribble in the basketball terms?

To dribble in basketball terms is to bounce the ball up and down with your hand. You can bounce the ball with either hand with your finger tips or the palm of your hand.

Which sport uses the terms dribble dunk and downtown?


When do you get paid after signing a basketball contract?

It depends on the terms of your contract

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