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The way to determine this is as follows: Average=shoppers at Wal-Mart on any given weekend. Take the first 100 shoppers to exit the door. Divide them up by age/sex groups. Give them a pair of running shoes. Let them have at it. I would be surprised if the first 20% did not drop dead before completion. The other 70% would be wheezing, looking for the Wal-Mart fat cart, and struggling to complete the test. Maybe the remaining 10% would be able to finish it in 10-15 minutes. Americans are obese and out of shape. If you can do a mile in 10 minutes, you are doing great!

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twn minute mile is a fairly good time. Anything under 8 is great.

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Q: What are the average times it takes to run a mile by age groups?
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What is the average time it takes to walk a mile?

About 20 minutes to walk a mile.

What is your a Average speed for 4 minute mile?

If it takes 4 minutes to run 1 mile then in 15 times as long (1 hour) you would run 15 miles. So the average speed must be 15 miles per hour.

What is the average time it takes a 40 year old man to run 1 mile?


What is the average time it takes for a 31 year old man to run a mile?

8 minutes

What is the average time it takes a 14 year old to run a mile?

6 to 9 minutes

How many steps equals one mile?

The answer depends upon the length of a step. An average person takes about 2000 steps to walk a mile.

Is a yard bigger than a mile?

Yes, much bigger. It takes 1,760 yards to equal one mile.

how many times does it takes to our body get tired?

it depend son your age, height, and training budt for me it takes about a mile of running then i get tired

How many steps in a mile when running?

Usually in the 5,280 feet that the mile consists of, an average runner takes 2000 steps. 1000 per each foot.

What is the average time it takes a thorough bred to run a half mile?

At the top levels of thoroughbred racing in the United States, a horse can run a half mile in an average of 44-49 seconds. The 44 second half mile is very rare, however.

What travels faster the speed of light or the speed of sound?

The speed of light is nearly a million times faster than the speed of sound.The speed of light is roughly 882 thousand times the speed of sound.-- Sound takes about 4.7 seconds to cover 1 mile.-- Light takes about 0.0000054 second to cover 1 mile.-- In the time it takes sound to travel one mile, light travels 881,741 miles .

What is the average time for an 8 yr old girl to run a mile?

it takes about 10 minutes:) te he he hope that helps you .