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3.3 and higher

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Q: What are the average college GPAs of athletes in various college sports?
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What is the average GPA for college athletes at Notre Dame?

What is the average gpa of students on college sports teams in the United States.

Do college athletes get paid?

No. It is illegal is some sports for College athletes to get paid.

How many college athletes play proffessional sports?

very few college athletes will ever play professionally in their paticular sport. For the main sports like basketball, football, etc. less than 2 percent of the college athletes will go pro.

What has the author Billy Hawkins written?

Billy Hawkins has written: 'The new plantation: black athletes, college sports, and predominantly white NCAA institutions' -- subject(s): National Collegiate Athletic Association, Social conditions, Racism in education, Race relations, African American college students, African American athletes, Racism in sports, College sports 'The new plantation' -- subject(s): College sports, Moral and ethical aspects of College sports, College athletes, National Collegiate Athletic Association, African American athletes, Social conditions, Race relations, African American college athletes, Racism in education, African American college students, Racism in sports

What did they do in the Olympics?

The Olympics consists of various sports. Athletes that go to the Olympics are the best of the best. They compete with athletes from other countries.

What has the author Teri-Christine Ruan Hall written?

Teri-Christine Ruan Hall has written: 'Training amenorrhea in college athletes' -- subject(s): Amenorrhea, College sports, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of College sports, Physiological aspects of Sports for women, Physiology, Sports for women, Women athletes

What has the author S Thomas Stubbs written?

S. Thomas Stubbs has written: 'The attitudes of selected male college athletes and coaches toward the values of athletic participation' -- subject(s): Athletes, Attitude (Psychology), Attitudes, Coaches (Athletics), College athletes, College sports, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of College sports

What percent of high school athletes play sports in college?

1 in 100k get a d1 scholarship

What percent of college athletes go pro in something other than sports?

98.7% don't go onto professional sports.

When was SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes created?

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes was created in 2007.

What is athletes?

athletes are people who do sports as a living

Should College Athletes be exempted from normal class attendance policies?

Yes, athletes are on a scholarship to play sports. That's there main purpose of being there.

What has the author Ralph C Wilcox written?

Ralph C. Wilcox has written: 'The expressed values of college varsity athletes in England and the United States of America' -- subject(s): Attitudes, College athletes, College sports, College students, Cross-cultural studies, Psychology, Social aspects, Social aspects of College sports, Social values

Why college athletes should not be paid?

They do not get paid because the sports are for fun with friends and practice for the big league.

What percentage of US high school athletes go on to play sports at the college level?

about 1-100,000

What has the author Joan Clarice Hundley written?

Joan Clarice Hundley has written: 'Background, academic achievements, career aspirations, and attitudes of Black intercollegiate athletes' -- subject- s -: African American athletes, African American college students, College sports, Social aspects, Social aspects of College sports

What is the percentage of college athletes who become professionals in their sports?

well there is hundreds of thousands of colleges and the percentage of them getting in is about 2%

Does this paying for medals create a problem for athletes who want to keep their amateur status an athlete who will be going to college might want to participate at the college in sports?


How are athletes given star ratings for college recruiting purposes?

Their performances in high school earn them stars that translate into recruitability in college sports programs.

What type of shows does CSTV broadcast?

CSTV stands for College Sports TeleVision, and broadcasts various college sports, ranging from curling to baseball and is a very popular channel on any kind of college or highscool where they practice sports.

What are the benefits of big time college sports?

Playing sports in college can help college athletes get better and expand their skills so they can play sports for money. Like how people play college football and have better chances to play in the CFL, NFL, or European football than someone straight out of high school. Same in all sports.

What is the sporting event with various sports that people cheer for their country?

The Olympics is a sporting event with various sports where people cheer for their country. The original intention, however, was that epople would cheer for individual athletes, regardless of country.

What types of sports does Hibbett Sports offer equipment for?

Hibbert Sports offers clothing and shoes geared toward athletes and sports enthusiasts. Their sporting goods stores offer equipment like helmets, pads and gloves for various sports.

Should college athletes have to get good grades to be able to play sports?

yes because if anyone can play they will play suckish.

If you want to be in sports in college do you have turn professional?

No. If you want to be in sports during your college years you are certainly not required to turn professional. In fact less than 1% of all student athletes make it to the professional level.