What are the afl game plans?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Well i don't know them all and as they are ever changing the questions answer will cahnge from year to year.

as of 2009 season, i will try to answer each teams game plan with the limited knowledge i have.

Collingwood: Play down the wing. when in possesion and going forward always go along the wing. Defense is a major aspect of there Game plan, don't let the oppostion get the ball this mean hold on to it and reack up posseions if it means retaing the ball in your own possesion. they longer they don't have it....the less they can score.


Play on play on play on. Take a risk and run with the ball through the centre of the ground. Do not deviate from this plan. but when going forward pick a target or a one on one. hope that someone can crumdb a goal if here is no contested mark. does not allow for much of a defensive game if sudden rebound. Although doesrapid succesion of goals. For or Against.


Choke the oppositon.

slow the game donw and play it at our terms.

Keep it low scoring and go one on one when need be.


Rolling defence.

I don't know exactly what this entails....i saw it in last years grand final against Geelong. Have a rolling zone that falls into place when the ball goes into defence....preferbably causing a behind and then garnering posesion of the ball to launch an atack from the back line.


not sure under Micheal voss...but under Leigh mathews it was big built bodies kicking long. Win your one on one and kick long to limit one on ones. this worked when coupled with a team of superstar players. Voss, black, Akermanis, Leipicth


If you don't perform you are dropped. That is all i can take from how they play. great side. i suppose the other game plane would be called a GA.


I fthey have a game plan they are not executing it.


no gam plan, currently rebuilding. but will assume i will be along Kevin sheedy lines. hard at the ball.


they supposbly have a very good game plan but requires players that are highly skilled to get revenue from it. don't really know.

West coast:

nature of there large grounds in WA they like alot of space to run and there game is centered around that to assure atleast 50% season ictorys to hope for a top 8 from home games.

I cant think of any more types of games plan for indivdual clubs.

Aot have adopted the rolling defensive zone, but with newrule changes for rushed behinds that could catasthrophic for some teams.

please add to this or correct me... thanks.

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Q: What are the afl game plans?
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