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The Steelers wear road whites when they're away. White shirts and gold pants.

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The Steelers will be the away team. They will wear their white jerseys.

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Q: What are the Pittsburgh Steelers away jersey colors?
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How many times have the New England Patriots beat Carolina Panthers?

In their history, the New England Patriots have a 5-4 record versus the New York Giants during the regular season.The Giants have a 2-0 record versus the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Who was the last player to pass away from the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The last Steelers player to pass away was defensive end L.C. Greenwood (9/29/2013).

What color are the Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms?

The Pirates home uniform is white with black sleeves and gold lettering. Their away jersey is grey with black sleeves and gold lettering. Click on the 'Pirates Uniform' link on this page to see a diagram of what their uniforms look like.

What teams won 3 away games in playoffs and won Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers

When did Brett Favre beat The Pittsburgh Steelers?

Brett Favre has never played against the Pittsburgh Steelers as a member of any NFL team and come away with a victory. Favre has never beaten the Steelers. He played them in the 90's when Cordell Stewart (see to hell with Cordell) was the Steelers Quarterback. The Steelers won. Favre was with the Packers at the time and had seaman pumped from his stomach before the game.

What are the colors of England soccer jersey?

White for home, Red for away

Was the first Pittsburgh Steelers football game home or away?

The first regular season game in Steelers history, played on September 20, 1933 was played at home against the New York Giants. The Steelers lost that game 23-2.

Why did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose the Super Bowl in 2011?

The Green Bay Packers were in it to win it. This does not take anything away from the Steelers. The Steelers weren't playing their best and sadly lost...very tragic and no one should trash them, they are a very good team.

What are the redsox colors?

red-aternate color white- home jersey gray- away blue-batting practice away pretty much all te colors they wear are the team colors

Score of the Super Bowl XL when the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The score was Steelers 21 Seahawks 10. The Steelers scored in the fourth quarter on a 43 yard TD pass from Antwaan Randel El to Hines Ward to put the Seahawks away at the end.

What is the aresanel soccer team's jersey colors?

Arsenal home is red. Away is yellow!

What colors will the teams wear in the 2011 super bowl?

Green Bay is going to wear its home color while Pittsburgh will wear its away colors. Green Bay: Mainly Green with Yellow outlines Pittsburgh: Mainly White with Yellow outlines.