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blue and yellow Sorry, that would be Michigan (maize and blue) Michigan State's is Green and White.

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Q: What are the Michigan state basketball jersey colors?
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What are New Jersey's state colors?

What are the New Jersey State colors

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State?

Michigan State has 2 men's basketball national championships and Michigan has 1.

What is New Jersey's state color?

The state colors for New Jersey are Jersey Blue and buff. These are the main colors that are on the state flag.

What is the record between Michigan State vs Michigan Wolverines in Basketball?

91-71 Michigan leading Michigan state

What does michigan state specialize in?

Agriculture and Basketball

Who would win if the played in college basketball. Michigan State or Iowa State?

Probably Michigan state

What are Michigans state colors?

Michigan's state colours are yellow

What is Michigans state colors?

Michigan states colors are Green and White

Was Kevin Nash a Michigan state basketball player?

no, he was a Tennessee basketball player

What is the state that Trenton is in?

New Jersey, Georgia, and Michigan

What are the school colors for Michigan State?

Green and white

What are the colors for Michigan state?

white silver and green

Why is Michigan's state colors blue and yellow?

Because it can be.

What is Michigan state university's colors?

Green and White.

How can you find old Michigan state basketball rosters?

You can't.

Where did Jason richardson play collage basketball?

Michigan state

Who won the ncaa basketball championship in 2000?

Michigan State

Who was in the 2nd place for basketball national championships?

Michigan state

Who has won more men's basketball games between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University?

Overall Michigan State has won 1,402 and University of Michigan 1,339.

What is the 1977 Michigan State University basketball roster?

Your Mama was the Michigan states university biznotpla.

Is Michigan or Michigan state better?

Michigan State has won the Paul Bunyan trophy 4 years in a row. Michigan's basketball program is nowhere near MSU's level.

Who won more Michigan state or Michigan?

well overall Michigan, but sport wise, Michigan won football,hockey,baseball Michigan state won basketball. all i can really think of

Will Louisville win or will Michigan State win NCAA basketball?

Michigan State. They are better in every category. And they are ranked 9th in the country.

Who was the first Michigan state womens basketball coach?

Mikki Bailey

Who won the NCAA men's basketball championship in 2000?

Michigan State