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1.) Pitcher

2.) Catcher

3.) 1st baseman

4.) 2nd baseman (in the middle of 1st and 2nd)

5.) Short Stop (in the middle of 2nd and 3rd)

6.) 3rd baseman

7.) Left Fielder

8.) Center Fielder

9.) Right Fielder

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Q: What are the 9 Fielding positions of softball?
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How many positions are there on a softball fields?

There are 9 positions on a softball field.

How may positions are there in softball?

9-10 positions

Where are the positions in softball?

they are in the infield and in the outfield

What are players spot on softball field?


How many player make a softball team?

9 players can be on a softball team, cause there is only 9 positions. Catcher, Pitcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, short stop, Left field, Center Field, and Right Field. But u can have more than 9 as many as u want. I know I play on a softball team

How many defensive positions are there on a slow pitched softball field?

10 if you play in with a short center. 9 if ou play without. it matters how you want to play.

How many player are allowed on the field at one time softball?

9 for the defense (fielding) and up to 4 for the offensse (batting/running)

How does softball relate to softball?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

What does A stand for in softball?

A is a fielding static for assists.

What does utility mean in softball?

A player who is not a starter that can play several different defensive positions.

What does the A stand for in softball scorecards?

A is a fielding statistic for assists.

What is the a in softball line scores?

A is assist which is a fielding statistic.