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Q: What are the 3 pro basketball teams that have the word New in their name?
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What is the name of the New York basketball team?

There are many basketball teams that call New York home. However, if you are talking professional basketball teams, then there are two men's teams-- The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. There is one women's professional team in New York-- the Liberty.

How do you get other teams on nba basketball showdown?

you don't unlock them there are new teams every week but after a curtain day if does not switch teams

What is new jerseys basketball team?

Look for Custom made basketball jerseys that are durable and can withstand regular wear and tear during gameplay.

What college basketball teams are getting new uniorms in 2010?

Arizona tech

What basketball teams begin with H?

The Houston Rockets, the Hawks (Atlanta Hawks), Heat (Miami Heat) and Hornets (New Orleans Hornets) are teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How do you create basketball teams?

A new basketball team has not been created for many years, but new teams are crafted with different players all the time. Coaches are able to essentially create a new team by making trades with players and signing free agents to their team.

Who was the basketball who coach a New England nba team and 2 New England college teams?

it was jimmeny cricket children

Why is the word the New York Yankees capitalized?

New York is a state. Yankees is the name for the team. All sports teams have the beginning of the team name capitalized. It's a proper noun.

What sports teams start with N?

Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and New York Rangers are teams in the National Hockey League. The New Orleans Hornets is a team in the National Basketball Association.

Name All time new york sports teams?

Baseball=Mets, Yankees Basketball=Knicks, Liberty Hockey= Rangers, Islanders Football= Giants, Jets Soccer=Magic, Metrostars

What are New Jerseys major sports teams?

The New Jersey Nets (basketball) - note- the Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012.The New Jersey Devils- Hockey

What sports teams does New Orleans have?

The New Orleans Saints is a team in the National Football League. The New Orleans Hornets is a team in the National Basketball Association.