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Liverpool FC and Everton

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Q: What are the 2 biggest soccer clubs in Liverpool?
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Which 2 carling premiership football clubs are the closest to each other?

Liverpool and everton

Who won the soccer match between Mansfield and Liverpool in 2013?

Liverpool won 2-1. Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez scored for Liverpool.

Who are the riches soccer clubs in the world?

1.Man city. 2.chelsea. 3.Real Madrid 4.inter milan 5.Barcelona fc 6.a.c milan 7.liverpool fc

What are the sports played in Dominican Republic?

Baseball, and soccer are the biggest 2.

Has Real Madrid ever beat Liverpool?

Real Madrid won 2 out of 5 matches played between these two clubs.

Footballers that have played for 2 clubs out of man united Liverpool Chelsea and arsenal?

Nikolas Anelka (Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea)Michael Owen (Liverpool, Man Utd)Danny Welbeck(Arsenal, Man Utd)For More:

What are the ten richest soccer teams in world?

The ten richest clubs are as follows. 1) Real madrid, 2) Barcelona, 3) Manchester United.,4) Bayern munich, 5 )Arsenal, 6 Chelsea, 7) Liverpool, 8Juventus, 9A.C.Milan and Inter Milan.

Which is the biggest soccer club?

I think Real Madrid and Barcelona are the top 2 soccer club. It's difficult to say who is the biggest. Chelsea, Liverpol also very big. The key is which you like!

Top 10 best soccer clubs in the world?

1. Barcelona FC 2. Manchester United 3. Juventus 4. A.C. Milan 5. Inter Milan 6. Real Madrid 7. Liverpool 8. Chelsea 9. Bayern Munich 10. Arsenal

What was score between Liverpool and Zenit football clubs?

The first match of the Europa league was at Zenit's home , which saw liverpool losing 2-0 . But in the second match , Liverpool won 3-1 , though it was not enough as Zenit went through on terms of away goals

Who is the best youth travel soccer program in the US?

I think it is the United States academy because they have some the biggest international tournaments and also they many of their players make it into division 1 and 2 leagues, the USL, and the MLS and clubs from other countries

What famous soccer players wear the number 22?

1. Xabi Alonso for Real Madrid 2.Elmanio Isua for Liverpool

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