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the played sports are soccer. M+B=4EVER

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Q: What are sports played in Madagascar?
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What major sports are played in Madagascar?

the major sport played in Madagascar is football

What are all the sports played im Madagascar?

at least soccer, maybe more

What are some individal sports teams in Madagascar?

Madagascar Minions

What are Madagascar's sports?


Sports in Madagascar?

Madagascar sports include athletics, football, boxing, judo, tennis, basketball and various other games. From high school to the national level, the sports of Madagascar are practiced by many people of Madagascar. The country also participates in the international competitions especially in the field of Athletics.

What types of sports does Madagascar play?


What is an uncommon sport played in Madagascar?

an uncommon sport played in Madagascar is tennis and also badminton.

How many competed from Madagascar in the olympics?

7 in 5 sports

What sports do people in Madagascar pley?

football,criket and basketball

Have Madagascar ever won a gold medal in the Olympics?

no because there not that brill at sports

What sports are played in djibouti?

the sports that are played in Djibouti are tennis

Were Sports played in 1880?

Yes sports were played in the 1880s!!!!!!!!