What are sports performers?

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they are people that perform sports like football players, Rugby players, tennis players etc.

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Q: What are sports performers?
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Do sports performers have day jobs?

Not usually, but in some cases most of them make enough money to make a living. But there are some sports performers who do have regular jobs.

How do you motivate sports performer?

you cheer their name really loudly to motivate sports performers!!!!

How does vitamins related to a sports performer?

Vitamins help sports performers. They are good for them before they play. For example, a lot of sports performers drink gatorade, powerade, etc. They all have vitamins and minerals that are good to have before they perform. Vitamins are good or anyone.

How doesflexibility affect sports performers?

flexibility affect sports performers by the shape of which they can put their body through, In high jump flexibility helps alot with bending your back and hightening your legs to get over the bar however in netball i dont see how flexibility can help

What do coaches and sports performers sometimes describe spots arousal as?

they normaly say it is a good thing because.

What is sports personality profiling?

its an overall assessment of a performers personality.

How does strength affect sports perfomance?

stregnth effects performance in many ways, but it is mainly in contact sports and other sports like weight lifting. Stregnth can help performers in rugby for example to tackle harder and make it easier for them to take the opponent to the ground. Also with increasing stregnth (in genera) there is an increase in power so it helps performers in sports such as tennis and badminton to apply power or speed to a shot.

Why extreme sports should not be banned?

They provide a wide audience with entertainment. They also bring in a high level of income for performers.

What is the collective noun of performers?

The collective noun for performers is a troupe of performers or a band of performers.

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How do steriods affect sport performance?

Steroids help build strength, making sports performers more spectacular until they get caught

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