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In Australia lot's of teens enjoy playing;





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Is there a sports illustrated magazine for teens?

Not for teens, but there is Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Why do teens hate sports?

Because there lazy

Why do teens play sport?

73% of teens play sports, most for the enjoyment and thrill of sports, basketball, football and volleyball, forgetting the world around them, and for getting exercise. Sports help teens feel good about themselves and gain confidence and maintain a healthy weight.

What is a good thesis statement for sports keeping teens out of trouble?

Sports are keeping teens out of trouble by giving them something to do, keeping them clean, and staying honest with themselves.

Do sports keep teens out of trouble?

No , if you want to be a bad boy , sports wont stop you

Are Hispanics teens play sports in school?


How many teens play afterschool sports?


What sports do Belgian teens play?

Belgian teens play a number of sports including Basketball, Soccer and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Also many varietes of professional canoeing.

What is the importance of sports and teens?

Teens must keep active as their bodies are always growing. If a teen (or mostly anyone) does not keep active, it is easiest for teens to become obese.

What percentage of teens play sports in high school?

Less than 20%

What are top hobbies for teens?

One of the top hobbies for teens are playing games on gaming systems. Other hobbies are playing sports such as football and basketball.

Which is the best Caribbean island for water sports for teens and adults?

British Virgin Island

Where would one see teens in bikinis?

One would see teens in bikinis in places such as the beach, where teens often go in the summer to relax and bathe in the sun. They go to also play sports such as beach volleyball.

What sports do teens watch?

im a teen. i usually watch awesome and iteresting sports like soccer,tennis,volleyball.but i am a girl and everyone is different

What do Spanish teens on a typical weekend Holiday vacation do for fun?

Cinema, Mcdonalds, do sports or botellón

What do teens in the pacific region in Canada do for fun?

They play many sports and text each other.

What do teens do in their free time in Canada?

Teens. They are just like any other human being. But, they are very into electronics, sports, playing cards, listening to music, masturbation and hanging with FRIENDS!

Do sports keep students out of trouble?

Some teens will still get into trouble even while participating in sports. It could be the teen's choice of peers, lack of parental involvement or a number of other factprs. Some teens who excel in sports and become popular may feel they are above the rules or their peers. These teens are in danger of self-destructing or causing damage to those around them. Supportive parents or other adults are crucial to the success of any teen, especially a teen athlete.

How come teens that do drugs cant play sports?

well teens that do drugs are lowlifes first of all. DRUGs are bad and cause serious injury to those around u...constider getting a life

What do teens think about?

Mostly sex and the opposite gender Boys: video games and sports Girls: their appearance and friends, shoes

What do Swedish teens do in their free time in?

Like most teens everywhere.Hangs out with friendsWatches TVUses computersStudyingPerforms sportsStays activeEatsSleepChases girls/boys

How active were teens in sports?

Teens participated 18 percent less often in such activities in 1997 than in 1987. Young people in general were less active than ever before in the late 1990s and into the 2000s

Why are sports a bad influence for teens?

Well, technically they aren't (they give teens motivation, character, heath, plus new skills they never thought they had and strength and a new hobby) but if the sport is a little rough, they turn out a little rough, too. But other wise, sports are a great things for teens and other people at any age (as long as they r not like 130 years old) like kids, adults, and even elders!

What are some good stores to buy swimsuits for teens?

I would say play it again sports ______________ ae, old navy, and PINK

What activities can you do with teens?

If you want to do healthy stuff with them, try doing exercises, sports, or fitness games. If it is for something else, I don't know...