What are sports and games?

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Sports and games are things you can do. Sports are things you play either inside or outside. You can play on a team or by yourself. Games on the other hand are sort of alike sports but games could be many things... for example you can play a board game which is a game that you sit down and play with a board.

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Q: What are sports and games?
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What is the different between sports and games?

Games can be things like team or invasion games. Sports is, well sports!

Defference between sports and games?

sports are organized games

What fraction of the games are either sports games or educational games?

Sports games are probably 17/20

What sports and games do you know?

The number of sports and games that I know is countless. It is more important to know how many sports and games you practice.

Difference between games and sports?

All sports could be considered games but not all games are sports. Generally, sports have some sort of athletic and physical element.

Importance of sports n games- speech?

i want speech on sports and games

How many sports were held in commonwealth games?

There are 22 Sports in the Commonwealth Games.

How many sports in the olympic games?

There are two types of Olympic games, each with its own set of sports. There are 29 sports in the summer games and 15 in the winter games.

What is the difference of games and sports?

The difference of games from sports is its purpose, prowess, and skills involved. Games are for recreation while sports, on the other hand, are for competition.

What sports are they taking out of the Olympics?

Sports in the 2008 Games that will not be in the 2012 Games are baseball and softball.

Did sports or games exist in colonial times?

yes there were sports and games in colonial times

How many sports were in the first commonwealth games?

There were 9 sports in the first commonwealth games

How many sports are there for the Asian games 2010?

how many sports in Asian games 2010

What games do EA games make?

football or sports games beacause if you listen to the advert it says EA sports its in the game :)

What are five sports that are no longer in the Olympics?

games games games games games

How much sports are in the summer olympic games?

There are 26 sports.

Advantages and disadvantages of sports and games?

One advantage to sports games is the fact that they are entertaining. A disadvantage is the fact that sports can be expensive to watch live.

Why are sports better than video games?

with sports you work out your muscles and video games don't do anything GOOD for you .

What is the difference between sports and game?

Games include sports, but also include such things as board games, verbal games, and various other types of games which do not include the kind of physical activity which is associated with sports.

What is the differences between sports and games?

sports is where you get physical activity games is where you don't get enough physical activity

How many sports were played at the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

18 sports were played at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

What is the difference of games to sports?

sport is the umbrella for games

Where can one find the latest scores of sport games?

One can find the latest scores of sports games by watching the sports games, by reading tweets in response to the sports games or by watching the news where they will often announce the scores.

How did sports start?

They just started as plain games... and then named them sports

How many different sports are there in the Olympic Games?

26 different sports