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Misty May and Kerri Walsh

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Q: What are some women who are fanous for playing volleyball?
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Name of song from the 90's that has 4 women playing beach volleyball in their bikini's in front of some guy?

it won't do tim deluxe

What are the dominant muscles used when playing volleyball?

mainly leg muscules....some arm

Benefit to playing volleyball?

I don't know but there is certainly some benefits of watching woman's vollyball ;)

What are the different kinds of equipments used in playing volleyball?

There are a number of different kinds of equipment used in playing volleyball. You need a net, a ball, players, and usually some sort of protective gear for the wrists and knees.

What is the shortest you can be to play volleyball?

it doesnt matter cause we had some midget girl playing and she was like 3 feet

What are some goals for volleyball?

world volleyball domination

What cloth is typically worn for playing volleyball?

Usually, to be the most comfortable in your playing time, you should probably wear some type of spandex, or you could possibly wear looses shorts. As for tops, wear something comfortable: maybe a loose cotton shirt. If you have jerseys, I prefer spandex material, or something tight. Not big and baggy that possibly could get in the way.

Who are some promoters for volleyball?

For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter

How does a Volleyball feel?

depends on the volleyball. some are rubber and some are paded, some are flat, some are soft, some are hard, etc

How long does the sever in volleyball get?

In volleyball, the amount of time the server can take to serve after the whistle is blown varies based on what organization you are playing under. Some time around five seconds is usually used, though.

What do you need to play beach volleyball?

Beach, Volleyball and a Net Women can play in what ever floats their boat it they don't have to wear bikinis because some people aren't comfy in that sort of stuff i the person before suggested women wear bikinis but that's just his op pinion

What are some workout routines for women that are easy?

The main thing a women can do to get great results is cardio exercises. This can mean many things, such as walking, riding a bike, playing volleyball or even dancing. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio a few times a week and then work on arms, legs, abs separately.

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