What are some volleyball movements?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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One of the biggest challenges many volleyballers face

is their ability (or inability) to correctly 'read the play'.

Anticipating where the opposition's hitter is about to

slam that ball - so you can move into position early -

helps you get to the ball faster, and makes you a better

defensive player.

But.... it's not only about reading what the opposition is

doing - you also need to know what to look for on your

own team - So you know 'exactly' where you should be

to defend your area on the court.

TODAY, I'm going to give you some specific tactics

that will help you read an opposing team's hitter when

playing back row defense...

Firstly; the process of reading a hitter in the back row is

much the same as playing in the front row: you have to

first see the hitter and the direction their approach is

taking, and then the set and direction and speed at

which the ball traveling.

But another important thing to keep in mind when

playing in the back row is to read the block as well.

When playing in the back row, it is just as important to

be 'prepared' as it is to read the hitter. As you see

where the set is going and the direction the player is

facing when he or she starts to swing, you also need to

be ready to play the ball off the block

If you are playing middle-back, then your first goal is to

stay deep so that you can play the balls that are hit off

the block and go sailing deep. Also, make sure you

take a step towards the side the set is on toward the

sideline to play the cross court line shot.

If you are playing left or right-back, then make sure you

are always starting by the ten foot line so you are

prepared for the quick middle hit or the tip from the

front row setter.

You do not release from this position until you see the

ball set outside or to the opposite position.

If the ball is set to your side, then take three large, quick

steps backwards on the side line. Make sure you are

completely stopped and ready to move when the ball is

hit so you can make a fast reaction.

The ball could be hit off the block and you may need to

jump or run after it, or the ball may be tipped, and you

will have to run and dive after it.

You will know if a tip is coming if the hitter begins to

slow down his arm swing at all, or if the player is

attacking a poor set that is tight to the net.

Make sure your feet are turned in slightly so you are

more prepared to take that first big, explosive step

toward the ball.

Otherwise, be down low and ready to take that hard

shot down the line.

If the ball is set away from your side, you should

release into the court by taking one big step/leap back

and another one into the court. It is always important to

stay 'in the sunshine' of the ball when playing defense.

Think about the ball as being a sun, and the block is

shielding the sun's light. On defense, it is important to

change your position so that you are never behind the

block, because you want to be ready to play the ball

where there is no one else to stop it.

When taking your step into the court, make sure you are

moving into an area that is not being covered by the

block, or in the 'sunshine'.

Players usually hit in the direction of their approach. A

player approaching the net at an angle will probably hit

cross court. Players approaching more perpendicular to

the net will most likely hit down the line.

However, hitters may suddenly change the direction of

their swing by hitting across their body; this is why it is

important to always be in ready position and to study

the habits of each player throughout a match.

Remember, you are reacting to everything on the court,

including the blockers on your own team. Just be in

position, ready to react, and you can be accountable for

the space you are defending.

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Some volleyball movements are passing(moving your arms upto touch ball), hitting( forcefully hitting ball with hand to put it sown on the other side of the net, and setting(pushing the ball upward with your fingertips) these are all esential for volleyball.

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bend your knees, and then you have to put you hand it fist position and put together hands together and then you hit the ball. That is what I learned in volleyball.

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Pass (bump), set, hit (spike).

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Q: What are some volleyball movements?
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