What are some types of sports?

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some types of sports are atletics ,swimming,Netball, football,tennis,cricket etc

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Q: What are some types of sports?
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What are some Types of sports business?

professional sports player, sports agent, sports physician, manager, scout, and many more.

What types of sports gear can one purchase at the Football Fanatics website?

Football Fanatics sells many types of sports gear on it's website. Some types of sports gear sold at Football Fanatics include ball caps, tee-shirts, jerseys, sports equipment, and collectables.

What are the four types of sports in physical education?

the four types of sports is MDC

What are common types of car sports in London?

There are no search results for some common types of car sports in London. However, some common sports cars are: Audi R8, Bandini 1000 GT, BMW M Roadster, Caterham Seven, to name a few.

What types of sports are popular at TN Tech?

There are several sports which are popular. Athletics, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming are some of these sports. Rugby for men and for women is also popular.

What are some of the types of gambling that are now illegal?

While there are many types of gambling that are legal, there are some that are illegal as well. These types of illegal gambling include unlicensed casinos and sports betting.

What are some examples of a Honda sports car?

There are various models of Honda sports cars available on the market. Some types of Honda sports cars are the Honda S200 and the Honda JDM Civic Type R.

How many types of sports are in the world?

>there are several types of sports namely, outdoor sport, indoor, underwater, and air sports. there are over 500 different sports in the world

How many types types of sports there is in the world?


What are the types of sports in Arizona?

arazona doesnt have sports... arkansas does

How many types of sports at Olympics 2008?

28 sports.

What are the 3 types of sports?

Their is 3 different types of sports which are: Invasion,Striking and fielding, Net/wall sports. hope this helped :) From a 11 year old xxx

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