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Good eye-hand coordination is essential, and striking the ball with a sliding motion adds spin and allows you to control the trajectory better.

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You definitely have to have a quick reaction and: practice constantly.

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Q: What are some skills you need to know to play ping pong?
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What are some of the Chinese skills?

One of the Chinese skills is playing ping pong. They are extremely good at it. You'd be surprised to see how well they play.

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The skills that a football player needs is:Fit, fast runner, strong, tough and healthy.That is all you need to be to become a football player and also you have to know how to play it.

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Does the us play ping pong for the Olympics?

Yes. They play table tennis which is the same as ping-pong.

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When your a catcher it isn't hard if you have a good glove. I know this cuz i play softball. If you have catching skills it isn't hard. But u need to no the rules.

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to know how to play football.

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Is any special equipment needed to play ping pong?

no. all you need is a table with a net a paddle and a ball. you can get them at sports shops.

What is the meaning of taiping?

taiping is when you play ping pong with your shoe strings, hence taipin (tie-ping)