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Yes. They play Table Tennis which is the same as ping-pong.

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Q: Does the us play ping pong for the Olympics?
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What is the most popular sport in the US for people to play?

Ping Pong

In what year did Forrest Gump play on the US Ping Pong Team?


Were do people play ping -pong?

All over the world. In the US though the term ping pong is popular all though the true name of the sport is table tennis.

What did Ping-Pong diplomacy allow the US and China to do?

The Ping Pong diplomacy allows the US and China to have open relationships for more serious talks.

Did US won the ping pong tournaments during ping pong diplomacy in china?

Open relations for more serious talks

What US sports team was Forest Gump on when he was in the army?

"Ping Pong" - wietsnowy

What is important about ping pong democracy?

it showed that china was ready to start a relationship with the US

Who was the president when the US ping pong team visited the white house in the Forrest gump movie?

Nixon, it was actually a real thing called ping pong diplomacy which was one of nixon's multiple attempts to open china to the US.

How many ping-pong balls can fit in a 12'X12' box if 25 ping-pong balls cover the bottom of the box?

625 A ping-pong ball is a 40mm diameter sphere, which has a volume of 33.5 square centimeters (2.04 in^3). If we assume the ping pong balls naturally pack themselves in Hexagonally Closest Packed (HCP) arrangement, then we have 12^3 inches divided by 2.04in^3, times the 74% packing efficiency of HCP, which gives us about 625 ping pong balls.

What do older people in the US like to play as a sport?

There are several sports that older people in the US enjoy playing. Among the favorites are golf and shuffleboard. Some also enjoy tennis, ping pong and boating.

What is the record for the most consecutive hits playing ping pong?

270 consecutive hits. record won by us

How can you prove that the moon rotates?

Take a ping pong ball and mark an 'X' on it. This 'X' will represent the side of the moon we can see in the night sky from Earth. Naturally, the opposite side of the ping pong ball will represent the side we cannot see from Earth (the far side of the moon). Get a basketball. This will represent the Earth. Take the ping pong ball and make the 'X' face the basketball. Move the ping pong ball around the basketball while keeping the 'X' facing the same direction you started with-do not rotate the ping pong ball. You are simulating the moon orbiting the Earth. If you watch where the 'X' is while the ping pong ball is circling the basketball, you will notice that at some point, all sides of the ping pong ball will end up facing the basketball-this is also what would happen if the moon did not rotate. We would be able to see all sides of the moon. The ping pong ball is not rotating hence we would be able to see all sides of the moon (including the far side). We cannot see about one-half of the moon at any time so we know that it must rotate-it's just that one side is always facing us (due to tidal locking).

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