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Lower the net..Don't have boundries..have carries and make it to where you can do basically whatever you want until it hits the ground.

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Q: What are some rule changes you can make to make volleyball more enjoyable and not so hard to do?
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Volleyball is a great thing to have in middle schools. First off, it is a fun and enjoyable sport, and in middles school it is rarely extremely competitve. Volleyball is a great sport because it involves team work, and you must build relationships with your teammates in order to succed which helps you make more friends and develop your social skills. Also, sports like volleyball provide a way to keep middle school students active and in shape. Volleyball is fun and enjoyable, and it is a great outlet for stress. All in all, middles schools should have volleyball as a team sport because it can only be beneficial, and it is a great way to make friends, be active, and have fun!

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You can make solid money in volleyball. One season around $100 000 for pro volleyball players. Multiply by 15 seasons.

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To have fun, strengthen your arms, compete, improve, and make new friends! :)

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