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Q: What are some pro-baseball teams in Texas?
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What are some Texas football teams?

dallas cowboys Texas longhorns Texas a.m

Track teams in Texas?

Yes, there are track teams in Texas.

What are some Texas sports teams?

Cowboys Texans Stars Rickets

How many teams are in Texas?

72 teams

How NFL teams are in Texas?

there are two teams

How many Professional Hockey teams does Texas have?

27 Teams. There maybe 27 professional teams in Texas but the Dallas Stars are the only one in the NHL, rendering 26 other teams irrelevant.

Is Iowa state part of the big ten?

No. They are in the Big-12 with Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and some more teams.

What popular college sports teams are in Texas?

theres Texas, TCU, and Texas A&M

Who are big 12 south teams?

The teams in the big 12 south division are: Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.

What sports teams are from Texas?

Texas Long Horns, Astros, cowboys

Winningest college baseball teams?


How many nfl teams in texas?


What states do not have a professional football teams?


How many professional teams are there in Texas?


What teams never won a WS?


What are some homeschool sports teams in the Dallas Texas area?

Here are some in Dallas, Texas. BTW they are both preparing people for college. The C.H.A.N.T. Chargers one is newer but is absolutely amazing!

What are the names of the major league baseball teams in Texas?

Texas Rangers and Houston Astros

How many major baseball teams in Texas?

Two: The Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers.

How many Southwest conference teams went to the big eight?

Four of the former Southwest Conference teams joined the Big 12: Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor and Texas University.

Are there any Texas teams that start with M?


How many pro sports teams does texas have?


What are good cheerleading teams in Houston Texas?

i don't really know but in Arlington Texas, SPIRIT OF TEXAS IS THE BEST!

How many teams from the southwest conference defected to the big eight?

4 ... Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Baylor.

How many professional baseball teams are in Texas?

In the majors, there are two: the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros.

What is Taylor Lautner's favorite sport teams?

he supports collage teams the Texas longhorns and the Michigan wolverines :)