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BUtterfly, Backstroke , Breaststroke, Freestylee.

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Q: What are some positions in swimming?
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What are the different synchronized swimming terms?

freestyle; breaststroke; butterfly; and backstroke Click on the 'Synchronized Swimming Positions' link on this page to see the positions used in synchronized swimming and read a history of the sport. There are many different terms. Some basic ones are "crane" and "ballet leg"

Could you show images of different positions in synchronised swimming?

If you want to see some pics, go to google to look some. There are some really cool ones.

What is the position of swimming?

Swimming does not have positions , only in relays!!!!!!!! For swimming you do not pass balls or anything around it's like swimming in the sea!!!!!! HTH (Hope-This-Helps) fr Aj

What Olympic aquatic event includes such positions as the Flamingo crane and the Fishtail?

Synchronized swimming

Words to describe summer ending in ing?

Blazing Amazing Swimming

What are some swimming injuries?

a swimming injury is a cramp in your leg or if you bang your head on the swimming pool ladder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What training is needed for Swimming?

Diet, some swimming-specific weight training, and lots and lots of swimming.

What are some ing words that describes summer?

surfing , swimming , relaxing

How popular is swimming?

Swimming Is a very popular sport in some areas.

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Stephanie Rice's hobbies were swimming and, well she didn't have another one, just swimming, swimming and swimming some more.

What will swimming in a chlorine swimming pool do to a new tattoo?

It can take some of the ink out - wait 6 weeks before swimming!

Does swimming rock?

It depends on if you like swimming. Some ppl do, others dont.

What are the swimming positions?

Yes. There's *Freestyle *Breaststroke *Backstroke and * Butterfly

What are some swimming records with flippers?

There are no swimming events that allow the use of fins and flippers.

What are some ballet positions?

Some ballet positions are 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,and 5th. those are all of them if you are practicing bar work.

What are the potential health benefits and risks of swimming?

what are some potential health benefits and risks of swimming

What is open swim?

Swimming outside - so outdoor swimming in some kind of lake or river.

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Where would one have to go to get some swimming pool loans?

Swimming pool loans can be bought from many different companies. Some examples of companies that offer swimming pool loans include LightStream and HFS Financial.

What are some Cardiovascular sports?

swimming is.

What are some hobbies from Wales?


Is swimming a difficult sport?

Most kids say swimming is a difficult sport and some say it isn't. So that means it is not really that difficult but to some it is.

What are the basic positions of synchronize swimming?

There are many "Basic" positions in Synchronized swimming. The most common positions are the ballet leg, Back Layout, Front layout, Pike, Crane, Vertical, Double ballet leg, Vertical bent knee...etcSo, there are so many different positions which different people can consider as "Basic".Also, torpedo, foot first, head first is important aswell- these are called skulls.There are a variety of professional synchronizing diagrams and websites if you search on GOOGLE.Hope I helped!kZ