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You don't need physcal requiremants in karate. Karate is a place to learn not qualify.

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Q: What are some physical requirements to be in karate?
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How much education is required to become a karate teacher?

There are no educational requirements to teach karate.

Are floor mats a legal requirement for karate?

There are no legal requirements for karate. There may be requirements imposed by insurance carriers. Karate is designed to be used in combat or fighting situations, it is not a sport that should require pads and mats.

Is karate a contact sport?

Some schools teach karate as a sport. Some schools teach karate as a martial art. Schools of both types may allow full contact, however, most will not as the insurance requirements and liability are too high to allow it. As such pads and protective gear will be required.

What are the requirements for joining karate?

There typically aren't any requirements other than a willingness to learn and to follow instructions.

Does it take skill to do karate?

Yes. The level of mental and physical strength/skills greatly influence your karate

At the YMCA what is the order of belts you get in karate?

It will depend on the style of karate being taught at your YMCA. They are not the same everywhere. The instructor will be able to provide you the requirements for the various belts.

What are the Physical requirements for anesthesiologist?

Some of the physical requirements for an anesthesiologist are having good vision, hearing, and be able to work long hours. An anesthesiologist be detail oriented and be able to handle stress.

What does a karate instructor do?

* Teach karate students * Train hard * Go to tournaments * Sparring * Stretch

How do you get catagorized in karate?

There are tests with requirements for each belt level, when you are ready you test for the next one and if you pass, you get the belt.

What is some basic information on Kwanmukan Karate?

Kanmukan karate is a martial art system developed by George Anderson, Hanshi. It blends Okinawa karate, Korean karate, and kung-fu influences. Kwanmukan Karate is world wide.

Does college have gym class?

Most schools include Physical Education requirements. Some even have a swimming requirement.

What are some requirements to play football?

Not only Physical but mental strength. The work effort. The heart and love for the game.