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A motorboat and a PWC are meeting head-on Which one is the stand-on vessel

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Two powerboats are about to cross paths what should the boat on the starboard right do

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Q: What are some of the various types of small sailing boats?
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What is yachting?

Yachting is the activity of sailing in a yacht. In the original sense a yacht was a light and fast type of sailing vessel. In modern terms however the name as become applicable to several types of sailing and power boats. The common factor for all of the boats covered by the term is that they are used primarily for pleasure not work or sport.

What exactly does rope sailing mean?

"Rope sailing," also known as "sailing rope" refers to all the different types of things made out of rope that are used in sailing. It can include long lengths of rope or small buckles made with small lengths of rope.

What has the author Alfred Dudszus written?

Alfred Dudszus has written: 'Dictionary of ship types' -- subject(s): Boats and boating, Dictionaries, Sailing ships

What types of ship sail from or to dover?

Many thypes, from small private boats to large passenger ships.

How many types of boats are there?

many types

What are the various types of electric remote control boats?

There are a number of electric remote control boats, differing due to the company from which they are manufactured to their specific model. For example, there are electric sailboats, hull boats, speed boats, and ships. Some of the best makers of electric remote boats include Discovery, Apparition, and Genesis.

What are large sailing ships called?

yacht...... east indiaman,galleon,frigate,man o war,ship of the line were the largest type of sailing vesselsSecond answerMostly the word "ship" was reserved to the larger kinds with three or more masts and a full bowsprit, while the smaller types were named for their sail-plan, e.g. barque, brig, brigantine.... So in general the answer is that large sailing ships were called "ships" and that it was the small ones that had different names.There were some types of large ships as mentioned above (except for "frigate" and "yacht", frigates were small ships, and yachts are boats: they have a single mast), but no other general term for large ships as distinguished from small ones.

What were the different types of longships and what were they used for?


Where might one purchase a Lund boat?

A Lund boat can be purchased at the Lund Boats official website. They have 17 types of aluminum boats, and 4 types of fiberglass boats, professional grade boats.

What is a saccharolipid?

A saccharolipid is any of various types of lipid which contain a small amount of carbohydrate.

What does galleon mean in Latin?

'Galleon' is a noun for a large sailing ship. However, 'galleon' is not a classical Latin word. Rather, 'galleon' comes from Spanish and French, which are Romance languages descended from Latin. ('Galeón' in Spanish; 'Galion' in French.) 'Carabus' and 'navis' would be an approximate Latin synonyms for 'galleon', but a galleon is a large ship whereas a carabus is a small boat, but 'navis' can be used to denote various types of boats or ships.

What are two main kinds of pleasure boats?

Sail boats and power boats are the two main types of pleasure craft.

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