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lately the most popular activity in sports is streaking across the field at halftime

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Q: What are some of the past trends of sport and recreation?
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You need a ski/snowboard recreation area and a snowboard. Some lessons are advised.

What is the definition of recreation?

Recreation is basically another word for hobby or some kind of activity that is done in one's free time when they aren't working. Some examples may be playing a sport just for fun or going swimming to relax.

Is hunting a sport?

Yes, hunting can be a sport. For some, though, especially in the past, hunting is a means of survival.

How do you make a sport marketing plan?

In order to make a sport marketing plan, you would to have all details and facts in place. You should look at previous trends and also make some assumptions on the future of the sport marketing with a target audience in mind.

What is some recreation in Ontario?

Some recreation in Ontario is Fishing and Hunting and Gathering

What are some classifications of recreation?

The word recreation defines something that is done for enjoyment. Some classifications of recreation would be biking, hiking, and dancing.

What is some of the recreation in Spain?

one recreation is folk dances

What are some trends in history?

Increasing efficiency in food production, advancement of numerous technologies, and increasing educational opportunities (relative to the past) to name a few.

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Of course. It is used for sport such as racing and recreation and general transport. Have a look at some pictures of Chinese cities, you will see many bikes in use.

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tell me about some trends of demographic environment

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A couples trends would definitely be beer and hats.

How water is used for recreation?

Some water recreation is swimming, boating, fishing, water polo, and etc.

How does the sports industry affect personal and family budgets?

About 1.5% of household budgets is spent directly on active participation in Sport and Recreation. However, if you also take into account the dollars spent by families on pay TV for watching sport, the total spending on sport is much more. There is also the question whether the family goes to major venues to watch professional sport. For some families with 2-3 children, it would be probable that the total spend on sport would amount to 5%.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, he needs some recreation too.

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The children learn in the morning and go outside for recreation in the afternoon. Dad works 10 hours per day, but he takes no time for recreation. The students will get some rest and recreation over the winter break. We played many fun games in the summer recreation program.

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