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Some of the more famous Ballet schools are, Juilliard, Nutmeg Ballet School, Pacific Northwest, Mary Days, The Marinsky Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and The National Ballet of Canada.

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Q: What are some of the more famous dance and ballet academies?
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What are some dance academies in Houston Texas?

There are many good dance academies in Texas. But, first you need to ask yourself what type of dance you're interested in. If yu're intersted in ballet there's the following schools: You will have to check the websites I provided to learn more about these ballet academies. Go to Contact Us on the website to find the specific location of the school and to ask the school questions. If you're switching schools I strongly reccomendyou take some time to really study theses schools to make sure transferring (or begining) there is the best palce possible. To find more dance academies/ballet acdemies go to, then, type in ballet schools then hit search. After that, go to maps and search in the Houston, Texas section of the map. Good luck! Houston International Ballet Academy (this school looks very good for ballet) American Academy of Dance Premier Dance Academy Dance Arts Studio of Huston Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theatre (this school also looks very good for ballet)

What are some dance academies in the Toronto area?

Some dance academies in the Toronto area include Dance Ontario and School of Toronto Dance Theatre. You can learn more about these schools at their respective websites.

How is ballet different from tap dancing?

jazz is more of a rhythmic dance where as ballet is more of a graceful dance. Also the techniques and emphasis' are different and where they originated

What is the difference in ballet in modern dance?

ballet is very classical and an old, traditional dance. modern dance is more free and less restricted and diciplined.

What type of people dance ballet?

Anyone can dance ballet! :D It's more common for females, but males do too, and they're a very important part of ballet.

Why is ballet preformed?

Ballet is classic! Its a beautiful dance that is timeless, ballet is a type of dance that has basic proper moves but those moves can be used in a more modern way. Ballet styles change with the period.

What is the most famous dance school?

It depends how you class a famous dance school. Pinapple Dance Studios in London is open to all abilities from complete beginner to the most accomplished professionals. Many famous clients have graced the floors of Pinapple including Madonna and Beyonce. It teaches a broad range of dance. However, you could class famous as the more specific dance schools. Generally, ballet schools are the msot famous and the Royal Ballet School in the UK and the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet are prehaps two of the msot famous, both, paticularly the Russian Ballet School, producing some of the most accomplished dancers ever known. Both are well renown for their high level of professionalism.

Why is ballet preformed today?

Ballet is classic! Its a beautiful dance that is timeless, ballet is a type of dance that has basic proper moves but those moves can be used in a more modern way. Ballet styles change with the period.

What part of speech is dance?

"Dance" is frequently used as both a verb and a noun. Examples: "They dance more gracefully than any other ballet company I have ever seen" (verb); "'The Highland Fling' is a famous Scottish dance." (noun)

What dances did the pioneers dance in the 1800s?

probably more folk.....there was ballet then as well, but a more base kind of dance was folk.

Is it ok that im a guy and like to dance like ballet and jazz?

yeah... ballet needs more guys

Examples of Occupational dance?

there is Ballet,irish dance, Scottish, norweigein,jazz, hip hop and more

What is ballet jazz?

Ballet jazz was the first style of dance, it was developed so we now have jazz pop and Broadway jazz. Ballet jazz is more ellegant and people who wish to do this style of dance need to be flexable

Dance example of occupational dances?

there is ballet,irish dance, Scottish, norweigein,jazz, hip hop and more

Did Catherine de Medici invent ballet?

Yes, and no, It is true that she was the mother of Ballet, but she herself didn't create the dance style, she more took dance masters, showed them things she liked and disliked, and then had them create "ballet de cour" as it was called then.

What way is ballet different from other dance forms?

it is much more fluid and graceful

What is the best full time ballet school in the world?

There are several first tier ballet academies in the world. Many times, if a school is connected to a premier company, their training is very distinct. The School of American Ballet (NYCB), Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis School (ABT), The Royal Ballet School, The Paris-Opera Ballet, The Kirov (Mariinski) Ballet, The Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Danish Ballet, and much more.

What is the different between modern dance and ballet?

Modern is very short looking. Almost robotic. Ballet is much more flowing and beautifull.

What are some names of famous lyrical dance steps?

Lyrical dance does not have as much exact movements and structure as ballet. It is more artistic and free, but some steps that may be in a lyrical dance are pirouettes , arabesque, contractions, grande jete, shanay turns, and soutenus.

What is the most famous Irish dance called?

Irish dance is the same as ballet but the steps are different we were wigs and fancy dresses we stay on your toes all the time so there is no most famous Irish dance. but if you want to sound fancy you could call it Irish step dance. the formal dances in Irish dance in soft shoes are the slip jig the reel, light jig, and more. if you are wondering what one of the id show is famous there is the river dance or the lord of the dance

What is better the Russian ballet or English ballet?

It depends on your favorite type of dance. If you like more modern ballet, you would go with the English ballet. If you enjoy classical ballet, you would probably vote Russian. Personally, I like both.

What is the name of the type of jazz dance that is more like ballet?

jazz/ballet i once took jazz classes but featured lots of ballet steps. it was called mix-it-up jazz.

Do a ballet dancer have to go to college?

Yes , a ballet dancer has to go to collage because once the dancer gets into collage they would most likely to get into the collage dance group that they have. But if the collage dancer doesn't have a collage dance group in their collage then they can find a dance teacher somewhere so a ballet dancer doesn't really have to go to collage if they don't have all the money but the ballet dancer can just find a dance teacher and not go to collage but i would go to collage so can get more smart and dance more.

Which dance is more popular?

my answer is ballet dancing in Germany and hip hop is the best in Columbus,Ohio

What are the top ten residential ballet schools in UK?

The Royal Ballet School The English National Ballet School Central School of Ballet Elmhurst School for Dance Northern Ballet School Tring Park The Hammond School Primo Balletto Rambert School of Ballet and Contempory Dance That's only nine but I don't think there's any more residential schools!