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There are many non-football schools with less than 10,000 students.

But larger non-football schools include -

University of Alaska (30,000 students)

Boston University (32,000)

California - Santa Barbara (20,000)

Cal State - Fullerton (36,000)

Cal State - Long Beach (35,000)

Cal State - Northridge (36,000)

George Washington (24,000)

Marquette (11,000)

Maryland - Baltimore County (12,000)

Northeastern (15,000) *dropped football in 2009*

Texas - Arlington (31,000)

Texas - San Antonio (28,000) *but will start football in 2011*

Vermont (11,000)

University of California, San Diego (31,000)

Wichita State (15,000)

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Q: What are some of the largest schools without football programs?
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