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Teh answer is the fpurple penguins, Stars;

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Q: What are some names of famous softball teams?
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What are some names of famous volleyball teams?

Georgia Stingers

What are the names of some famous volleyball teams and players?

Misty May

What are some famous softball player's names?

Jenni Finch, Cat Osterman, Lisa Fernandez, Monica Abott

Do people lay softball in los angeles?

Yes, they do. There are softball teams from all around the United States, and the world, for that matter. To find out information about some teams in your area, type in "softball teams: (your area)" into and search engine

What are some good names for a softball team?

the lady falcons

What are the names of some famous soccer teams?

Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United,Real Madrid, Valencia FC

Who are some famous pitchers in softball?

Bob thurmes youngest pitcher for eddie feigner's original 4-man softball team the king & his court home town hastings minnestoa pitched with 5 national raked teams

Who are some of the most famous softball players?

Jennie finch

What are some good softball team names for teenage girls?


What state is softball mostly played?

Softball is commonly played in every US state. As for the most softball, some states have longer seasons due to weather and some states have more people to play . California probably has the most softball teams and plays the most games.

Who are some famous girl softball players?

Jennie Finch And Jessica Mendoza

Are there famous sports teams in Wyoming?

There are no Professional Sports teams in Wyoming, however there are some famous sports teams including the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

How do you start a game of softball?

Some games start with a toss coin, others depends on where the teams are playing. For officiating softball starts when umpire shouts "Play Ball!"

What are some names of softball teams?

Professional- Chicago Bandits Travel- Bustos Ultimates, Hurricanes, Titans, Heartbreakers, Clippers, Rockets High School- Eagles, Falcons, Gators, Warriors, Trogans, Panthers

What are some cool softball team names?

thunderrockersfire ballswarriorspythonshatrick herosblazespartanscheetaswild catshope this was helpful!!!!

What is some famous sports in Iowa?

cinthia teams

Some famous mathmaticians names and why they are famous?


What are the names of some international cricket teams?

Some international cricket teams are:IndiaPakistanSri LankaAustraliaNew ZealandSouth AfricaKenyaZimbabweUAECanadaWest IndiesBangladeshHolland

What are the names of some hotels in Paris?

what are the names of some famous hotels in Paris

What are some Lesbian softball team names?

Diamond Divas Kitty Lickers Kitty Kissers

What are some professional softball team names?

Chicago BanditsTennessee Diamonds Akron RacersUSSSA Pride

What are names of environmentalists?

what is the names of some famous environmentalists of today?

What are the names of some famous Indian Cricketers?

Here are the names of some famous members of the Indian Cricketers:Mohammad AzharuddinBhagwat Chandrasekhar.

What are some famous sports teams from Kentucky?

Horse Racing

What are some of michigan's famous sport teams?

wolverines i believe