What are some important awards for Stephanie rice?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Eating Rice all day!

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Q: What are some important awards for Stephanie rice?
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What hobbies does Stephanie Rice like?

Stephanie Rice's hobbies were swimming and, well she didn't have another one, just swimming, swimming and swimming some more.

What is some information about Stephanie Rice?

Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who was born the 17th of June of 1988. She is an Olympic medalist, she won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008.

Who are some modern Olympic Champions?

Stephanie Rice (swimming) and Donald Bradmen (cricket).

What are some names of people going to the Olympics?

Stephanie Rice Libby Tricket Grant Hachett Michael Phelps

What swimming events are Stephanie rice doing at the Olympics?

400 individual medely and 200 indiv medely and some more

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Yes, rice is a very significant part of society. Almost all of the cultures have some important dish with rice. Therefore, it is highly significant because it is used everywhere and sold everywhere.

What are some important events that Condoleezza Rice was involved in?

her job,her family,birthday of her parents

Who are the most popular female sports figures in 2009?

some may be libby trickett,Stephanie rice,Anna kornikova,Lindsey davenport and Laura Davis and many more

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