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Brunswick and Olhausen are two of the best, but there are many good pool table brands.

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Q: What are some good pool table brands?
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There are many good table pads brands out there. Bed Bath and Beyond carries very good ones that are good quality. It depends on what you are looking for.

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How can I replace pool table lights?

Some sporting good shops like Big 5 may offer good deals on new pool table lights or they may also sell parts to replace the broken pool table light.

What are the different type of pool games that one can play on a pool table?

There are many pool games that can be played on a pool table. Some pool table games include eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, one-pocket, and bank pool.

How can a pool table get ruined?

A good slate pool table cannot get ruined in normal use - things get spilled or other damage occurs to felt. which simply gets replaced - the rail rubber deteriorates and has to get replaced - etc. By far the most common thing to hurt a pool table is people bumping into it, hard, or picking up an end for some reason, both of which now may require the pool table to be re-leveled. Most things that happen to a pool table like this are to be expected and simply part of owning a pool table - it requires maintenance at some point.

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There are no pool table markings except the foot spot dot. It is called the rack spot by some people.

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When searching for a table to put beside your pool, it's best to look for something in coated iron or metal of some kind. Wooden furniture will swell and become discolored and misshapen when exposed to too much water.

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