What are some good cheers for kids?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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It goes like this:

You got to roll you body, and just move your feet. To get it with the ________ that just can't be beat.

By: Maya W.

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Q: What are some good cheers for kids?
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Are the cheers hard?

some cheers are hard it depends on how good you are :))

Why is the Energizer bunny good?

The Energizer bunny is cute, is a good advertiser, and it cheers up kids in hospitals.

What are some good repeat after you softball cheers?

he we go team

What are some good cheers to teach to 11 and 12 years old?

make sure the cheers are short and do not have any complicated motions

What are some good cheers for grandparent day?

Grandparent love, grandparent provide, grandparent are always at your side!

What are some good instant messaging sites for kids?

kids world

How do you say cheers in spanish?

If you mean cheers, as in a toast to fortune and good health, a common word is "salud."

What are some kids websites for girls?

A good website for girls (kids) is

Are school cafeteria good for kids?

Some are.

Is Habbo a good place for kids?

No, Habbo is not good for kids under 13 because there is some offensive language in there.

What are some good school cheers?

hey the [school mascot} we are here to blow you away now we are going to beat you today

What are some kids that are good at sports?

Breydan and Tanner are good at sports!! :):)