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well if u had loads of dollars u could build a nrl stadium or a soccer stadium and more but if u dontu can make really nothin

hope is help

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Q: What are some games where you can build your own sports stadium?
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Uses of sports?

Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise. Sports help build physical fitness and some help build endurance, like soccer. Some sports help you gain agility and quickness. Also, sports are a fantastic way to exercise.

What are they chanting in the stadium on Kinect Sports?

It's a chant in Portugese. Some American colleges (Wingate University to name one) uses this chant during Soccer games.

What sports teams share a stadium?

Lots of teams share a stadium between two (or more) sports. Some teams in the same league share a stadium like the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA in the Home Depot Center.

Difference between games and sports?

All sports could be considered games but not all games are sports. Generally, sports have some sort of athletic and physical element.

What is played at the millennium stadium?

It is primarily a rugby union stadium, though some other sports, like soccer, has occasionally been played there.

Why is it good to have sports you school?

So you can have fun, get some exercise, and build teamwork (on team sports).

How do you get costumes for club penguin?

You get some costumes in the clothing catolog and others in the sports catolog in the stadium

What are some websites that offer free sports games online?

Y8, miniclip, addicting games, and king are just some of the free websites that offer free sporting/ sports games online. You can choose from you desired website there so you can play the sports games that you want.

What are some of the games that you can play with a multiplayer?

I prefer the the sports games that are multi player games. All sports games are multi player and the call of dutys and such are all multi player games.

Where can one play free sports games online?

One can find free sports games online at certain gaming sites. Some such sites that have sports games for free are Kongregate, Mofunzone, and Not Doppler.

Give some good slogans on games and sports?

sports is good keep us fit.

What are some Popular games or sports in Canada?


1 outdoor sports stadium within thirty miles of Chicago that can seat over 60000 that's in Chicago?

As of April, 2009, Soldier Field can still seat over 60,000 people. It has had various configurations throughout its life, some of them allowing over 100,000 people to be in the stadium. Currently it seats about 61,500 people for football games.

How many cubic feet are in a baseball stadium?

Baseball stadiums are all different sizes and shapes. Some major league stadiums also house other sports. Therefore, the size in cubic feet of a baseball stadium varies with each different stadium.

Where can you watch live sports games?

On TV or by going to any sports venue when there are some on. Wherever you live, there are sure to be some places that you could go to to watch live sports.

Where are bleachers often found?

Bleachers can be found in sports field where the stadium is. If you want to purchase used bleachers, you should check out some auctioneers or some collectors.

Which sports games are not included in the Olympic games?

Many officially recognized sports are not included in the Olympic Games. Some examples include rugby, korfball, lacrosse, american football, and horse racing.

What where some of Incas accomplish?

i want to know the sports of the incas and laso some of does games

What are the games for Youth Olympic Games?

There are a total of 28 sports for the Youth Olympic Games. Some sports have been modified to suit younger competitors, e.g. basketball is played on a 3-on-3 version.

What are the cheapest PSP games?

Some of the cheapest PSP games are early sports games. Sports games come out every year. Brand new to match the year, so naturally the older games are not worth that much; therefore, they will be the cheapest PSP games to purchase.

What do Hindus do for fun?

That all depends on the Hindu. Some read, some play sports, some play video games, some play board games, some do comedy.

What are some Samoan games and sports?

The main sports played in Samoa are rugby union and Samoan cricket. Other popular sports are netball, volleyball, and soccer.

What kind of sports are there in Wii sports Resort?

There are 12 sports, and each has different games to play. You have to unlock some of the different games, though, but the sports are all there. Swordplay, Wake boarding, Frisbee, Archery, Basketball, Table tennis, Golf, Bowling, Power Cruising, Canoeing, Cycling, and Air Sports ( Skydiving, Island Flyover, and Dogfight.) Some of these sports are up to four players, some are only two players, some are only two to four players, some are up to two players, and some are only one player.

What were the sports called that the Incas played?

what were some of the games that the incas play?

What are some of englands sports?

there is soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis, and netball and some international games.