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We are the 5th graders go 5th graders and were the best say what say what and were the (school mascot) no diggity from (school name_ blank-elementary-school)

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Q: What are some fifth grade basketball cheers?
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What are some basketball cheers that basketball teams does before a game to get pumped up?

Go to youtube lookup team basketball pumpup rituals

What are some good speech topics for grade 7?


Is Saturn the largest planet and fifth planet outward from the sun no its not the biggest and i am in fifth grade but it is the fifth planet 'like my grade?

That's not even a question that's like some stupid sentence

Some simple fifth grade projects?

The simple 5th grade projects is doing reasearch on a famous american

What are some good fifth grade essay topics?

anything u can think of

Are fifth grade girls memory better than fifth grade boys memory?

No. Some people may have a better memory than others. It doesn't matter what gender you are.

What are some fifth grade social studies questions?

where did the chisholm trail begin and end

Is being 105 pounds for a boy in fifth grade thats 5 1?

105 pounds for a boy in fifth grade means he is chubby. He is supposed to work out so that he loses some of his weight.

Is it okay if you have an intercourse in 5 grade?

Please tell me you are freaking kidding, the fifth grade, you are ten! Come on. Show some class!

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Depends? If your in fifth grade just be yourself and be silly(not too silly) Try talking to her and find out what she likes. Bring her some cookies at lunch or even compliment her.

What are some interesting fifth grade science fair projects?

Egg flotation, exploding volcancoes.

Is fifth grade considered middle school?

i think so but some hven't change it yet

How do you attract a boy in fifth grade?

you have to be yourself don't be some thing your not look girl I am in sixth grade and it work for me the guy likes me and then he asked me out

What do you do to get your fifth grade math level up before you go into fifth grade?

Well, using a workbook before fifth grade during summer can help get your score up. There are some worksheets on the web of basic facts. Those are always helpful. You can also go back to old fourth grade papers and correct problems you missed. That will help you understand the process. Have fun!!!

What are some fifth grade math words that begin with the letter J?

Here are two:Joint VariationJump Discontinuity

How do you impress a fifth grader?

Honestly, if your in fifth grade, you shouldn't want to impress a a fifth grader. Send a note saying. do you like me. yes or no. if your not a fifth grader, i mean no where around the age, you are a sick person who needs some help.

What is the highest grade you can teach with an elementary education degree?

Early childhood is considered to be pre-K through fourth grade. Education is approximately fifth grade through high school. Thus, if the degree specifically indicates elementary education you can figure fifth grade through eighth grade. There are some variations depending on the specific school system.

What is a good book for a fifth grader to read?

A fifth grade boy is probably interested in action/adventure books, or sport books. A fifth grade girl is probably interested in a drama or friendship novel. Some might also me interested in romance. For romance, I recommend the twilight series.

Do you get your own locker when your in fifth grade?

no not really. i heard at my school that if your in fifth grade you'll get your own locker. i think you should get a locker when your in middle school through high school. but some schools allow fifth graders to have lockers. I'm not sure so I'm giving you an opinion

How can you find a good fifth grade topic for social studies?

From your imagination!Look through your textbook for some great ideas. You can also look online by typing "fifth grade social studies" into your search engine to get more ideas.

What do you do if your friend is flirting with your boyfriend in fifth grade?

Fifth grade? Here is some advice. You shouldn't have a boyfriend!!!!!! Oh and talk to the friend of yours who is flirting with your man. And make sure he is aware so he can let's say "mock" here.

Are the cheers hard?

some cheers are hard it depends on how good you are :))

What are some other ways to say Thank you?

thanks cheers thanks cheers thanks cheers

How do you write a book on a fifth grade level?

Here's a good link to show you some other books written at the fifth grade reading level. Most fifth graders can read pretty well, so you don't need to "tone it down" very much from an adult reading level.

What is a good song to sing to a fifth grade girl so she will like you?

one- how old are you?! if you can spell i dont think your in the fifth grade!!! hopefully your not some type of rapest trying to get in her pants! but if you want a girl to like you, make one up