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"All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the baselines run uphill." -Babe Ruth

"Baseball changes through the years. It gets milder." -Babe Ruth

"Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world." -Babe Ruth

"Gee, its lonesome in the outfield. It's hard to keep awake with nothing to do." -Babe Ruth

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"Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. You know how bad my voice sounds. Well, it feels just as bad. You know, this baseball game of ours comes up from the youth. That means the boys. And after you're a boy and grow up to play ball, then you come to the boys you see representing clubs today in your national pastime. The only real game in the world, I think, is baseball. As a rule, people think that if you give boys a football or a baseball or something like that, they naturally become athletes right away. But you can't do that in baseball. You got to start from way down, at the bottom, when the boys are six or seven years of age. You can't wait until they're 15 or 16. You got to let it grow up with you, if you're the boy. And if you try hard enough, you're bound to come out on top, just as these boys here have come to the top now. There have been so many lovely things said about me today that I'm glad to have had the opportunity to thank everybody. Thank you."

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He said, "Kids and me get along just fine." he loved kids if you didn't know.

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Q: What are some favorite quotes of Babe Ruth?
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What year was Babe Ruth's divorce?

Helen and Babe Ruth separated some time between 1924-1926.

How did babe Ruth get his nickname Ruth?

Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth. Some of his nicknames while he was playing baseball included The Bambino, The Sultan Of Swat, and The Babe, which is the origin of the name Babe Ruth. First called "Babe" by his teammates on the Baltimore Orioles, his first professional team because of his youth.

What were Paul Dukas's favorite quotes?

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Did Babe Ruth have respect?

he was respected by some by others he was not respected.

What is the predicate of some pictures show babe Ruth too?

Some pictures

What are some of the New York Yankees best moments?

# One would be when Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees. # Another would be when the Bambino (Babe Ruth) called out his homerun.

What candy was named after an enjoyable swim?

Some say that the answer is Babe Ruth

Who were some athletes from 1920?

babe Ruth (he batted with his left hand)

How did Babe Ruth get the nickname?

In 1914, while living in an orphanage, one of the teachers introduced Ruth to Joe Dunn, owner/manager of the Baltimore Orioles. After watching him pitch, he signed him on and became his legal guardian. When his teammates saw him they nicknamed him 'Jacks newest babe' and it stuck! Bambino in Italian is also babe.

What are some famous baseball players?

Babe Ruth ,Reggie Jackson and more

Who would Babe Ruth like to see?

Probably anyone...Ruth has been dead for quite some time now.

Did Babe Ruth name his baseball bat?

No, his birth name was George Herman Ruth Jr. He got the name Babe when he walked out onto Camden Yards with Jack Dawson, a fan screamed out "hey look, it's Jacks newest babe" and the name stuck.