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Is the average elevation of New Zealand above or below 1000 feet

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Q: What are some famous New Zealand skiers?
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Famous buildings in New Zealand?

Search up the question "What are some famous places in New Zealand" and you will get some famous buildings in New zealand.

Why the people of new zealand fall off the earth?

Only a few mountaineers and skiers do so each year in New Zealand.

What is the best ski resort in New Zealand for beginners?

The best ski resort for beginner skiers in New Zealand is Cardrona which is located in Mt. Dobson.

Famous person in New Zealand?


Who are some famous people from New Zealand?

jono lumo

What is New Zealand famous for exporting?

New Zealand is famous for exporting dairy products

When was World Famous in New Zealand created?

World Famous in New Zealand was created in 1999.

What famous people born in New Zealand?

There were some very famous people that were born in New Zealand. A few of the actors were Russell Crowe, Karl Urban, and Lucy Lawless.

What is the most famous New Zealand animal?

The Kiwi, a native New Zealand bird, is probably the most famous.

What important things has New Zealand done and is famous for?

New Zealand is famous for a variety of things. Some of these things include trout, golf, sheep, as well as Olympic gold medals.

What is a famous landmark in the south Island of new zealand?

One famous landmark in the South Island of New Zealand is Mt. Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand.

What is new zealand especially famous for this industry?

New Zealand is especially famous for the wine industry. New Zealand also has a large commercial fishing industry and construction industry.

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