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Q: What are some famous Confucian figures?
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What are some confucian beliefs?

what are confucian beliefs? what are confucian beliefs?

Who are some famous historical figures?

george washington

What are some famous figures of pastry chef history?

who are the figures of history? Antoine Careme , Duboise,

Who are some famous figures in weightlifting?

jay cutler, flex Lewis

What are some Famous sports figures in 2008?

Me not anyone else JUST ME!!!!!!!!

Who are some famous 1920 sports figures?

Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth

Who were some famous historical figures in the state of Idaho?

Fumcuat loana- Poet

What are some Confucian symbols or pictures?

Nyan cat.

What percent of Indonesia is Confucian?

0.05% of Indonesia is Confucian.

What are some famous horses in Rome?

Some famous horses in Rome include horses that belonged to historic figures. These included Leontius and Incitatus who belonged to Caligula.

Who are some famous figures with the first name of Natasha?

We have Natasha Bedingfield, Wagner, and Richardson. these 3 ladies were all in famous movies.

When was A Confucian Confusion created?

A Confucian Confusion was created in 1994.

What are some holy places for Confucianism?

Confucian temples. Qufu in China.

What were the names of some of the most famous Revolutionary War figures who volunteered to be a Minuteman?

Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Samuel Prescott were some of the most famous Revolutionary War figures who volunteered to be Minutemen. Their bravery is well known and recognized to this day.

What is the duration of A Confucian Confusion?

The duration of A Confucian Confusion is 2.08 hours.

Are bronze figures worth a lot?

Yes, bronze figures can be worth a lot of money. Some popular and famous bronze figures or statues are worth anywhere between fifteen thousand and twenty thousand dollars.

What are the three Confucian principles?

The three Confucian principles are Moral, Thought and Action

Why was there a conflict between Confucian and the emperor?

A Confucian scholar criticized the emperor.( Chin )

When was Taiwan Confucian Temple created?

Taiwan Confucian Temple was created in 1665.

Who were famous colonial New Jersians?

This site will have a listing and a brief bio of some of the famous colonial figures from New Jersey.

Who were famous FBI agents?

Melvin Purvis was most famous for leading the Dillinger case. Winstead, Hoover and Cowley are some other well know figures.

Who are Famous sports figures of 1977?

Joe Namath

What are the most famous figures in origami?

it is so the crane

Who were the Famous sports figures in January 2009?

ronaldo be

Who were the famous sports figures of 2008?

How am i spposed to know