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There isn't much of a disadvantage if any, given you play it smart. In your first 4, you need to put tour quick defenders on the outside, and if your playing stopper sweeper put your slowest defender in the stopper position. Then your center midfielders need good ball control and the outsides need to be able to run with the ball and cross it. Then put remaining guys up top.

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The 4-4-2 is a strong offensive posture, often used when a team is behind in score late in the match, or when the two defenders are exceptionally skilled. The disadvantage is that through balls are more likely to result in goals, particularly if the other team is also playing a strong forward formation. Having four midfielders can also result in a crowded midfield, meaning that it will be easier to maintain possession, but harder to do anything with the ball. Midfielders will also have to help out the defense more often, causing extra fatigue.

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Q: What are some disadvantages in playing in the soccer formation 4 4 2?
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