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Soccer, Football, Basketball, boxing, Rugby, Baseball, Wrestling

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Q: What are some different types of sports in world?
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Would different types of sports balls affect the fastness of how they are dropped?

Yes because some are bigger and some are smaller and have different weight.

What are some types of sports?

some types of sports are atletics ,swimming,netball, football,tennis,cricket etc

What are different types of canals?

They are some canals that are different then the other ones in the world

What are some of the different kinds of teeth grinding guards?

There are several different types of teeth grinding guards. Some of the different types of teeth grinding guards are: guards worn during sleep, and guards worn while playing sports.

What types of shoes are sold by Etonic?

The Etonic company mainly sells different types of sports shoes. Some examples of sports shoes that they sell include golf shoes, bowling shoes, and running shoes.

What are the different types of mainframe systems?

what are some different types of managerial careers

What is the different about sports?


What types of sports are Olympic?

There are many different sports that are features in the Olympic Games. Some of these include track and field, basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, as well as skiing.

What are some Types of sports business?

professional sports player, sports agent, sports physician, manager, scout, and many more.

Why get people excited for sports?

in sports different types of minds grouped together with forgetting their set life. collection released some more energy then their normal also feel that when you are being with your friends you get some enthusiastic.

How many different types of sea bass are there?

Astonishingly there are about 475 different types of sea bass that exist. They are widely known for food and oddly some sports. Many of them exist but they arent easy to find due to their habitat.

what are some different types of managerial career?

what are some different types of managerial careers

Why are some students not interested in sports?

Different people have different interests. Sports simply has no appeal to some students, most commonly those whose physical skills are less developed compared to their intellectual skills. There are numerous professions associated with sports, from professional players and coaches to sports medicine to lawyers and agents. Normally people who were good at sports would be more interested in these types of jobs.

What are some of the different jocuri copii that can be played?

There a several different Jocuri Copii games that can be played online. The types of games include cooking, traffic, dinosaurs, sports, and cartoons.

What are some different types of geography?

some different types of geographies are cultural, environmental and physical.

Can you get sports bras in different cuts?

There are not necessarily different cuts of sports bras. However, some have underwire or different thickness in the straps.

What types of munitions were used in the second world war?

Many different types of ammunition were used by various countries during World War II. Some were bombs dropped from airplanes, bullets shot from different types of guns, and torpedoes shot from submarines.

What are some different types of clay?

There are many different types of clay with different colors and different firing temperatures. Some of the different manufactured types are terra cotta, stoneware, white talc, porcelain.

Info about the different types of vegetation in India?

Some of the types are green. Some is browned. Some is even different colors.

What is the governing body of sport?

There is not one single governing body of all sports. There are a huge amount of sports and so there are many governing bodies of those sports. Some governing bodies oversee a range of different sports, but there is no governing body that oversees all sports in the world.

What types of sports gear can one purchase at the Football Fanatics website?

Football Fanatics sells many types of sports gear on it's website. Some types of sports gear sold at Football Fanatics include ball caps, tee-shirts, jerseys, sports equipment, and collectables.

How many different types of music are there around the world?

There are many thousands of different kinds of music around the world, some examples from different countries or regions of some of the styles is listed on the related question below and in the links provided below.

What are the kinds of tourism?

There are many types of tourism that occur around the world on any given day. Some speciality types are eco-tourism, sports tourism, business tourism, accessible, active, adventure and many other types.

How many types of frogs are there all over the world?

there is probably over a hundred thousand different types of frogs all over the world but some people have never seen before

What are some different types of Gaitas?

Gaitas is a word that can refer to several different types of definitions. Some different types are bagpipes, flutes, hornpipes, music genre and music ensemble.

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