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Q: What are some details of the buying behaviour of potential customers for golf?
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What is organisational buying behaviour?

Organization buying is the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish the need for purchased products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers.

What are the key similarities between consumer buying behaviour and business buying behaviour?

There are many key similarities between consumer buying behavior and business buying behavior. For example, both businesses and consumers buy goods that are essential to quality of life.

Compare and contrast orgazational buying behaviour and consumer buying behaviour?

An organization may buy a variety of things to appeal to many people. A consumer will buy only what they specifically need or want.

How tesco get profit?

customers buying things

What do customers give up for buying HP computers?

Some money, as with buying anything.

Differences between individual consumer behaviour and organisational buying behaviour?

Individual consumer buying behaviour has to do with all the processes undertaken by the various individual buyers in evaluating and making decisions towards purchasing a product for self- ocnsumption, family use or as a gift to other parties where as organisational buying behaviour has to do with the processes undertaken by a business in evaluatig and making decisions geared towards purchasing prodcuts or raw materials for further prodcution, to be sold to consumers for profit.

What is difference between actual and potential buyers?

An actual buyer is someone who is committed to buying a product whereas a potential buyer is some who is interested in buying, but may not.

How do you impress a potential customer?

buying capacity and their preference

Is consumer behavior more a function of a person's age or generation?

according to me the behaviour changes with ones experience that is the age of a person. today the behaviour of consumer has changed due much awareness towards their buying behaviour changes.

What is the Henry Assael model of buying decision behaviour?

A general model of the communication process for promotions

as a marketer of what relevance is consumer behaviour to you and what buying decisions can you expect from your target market?

ya mama

When customers begin buying less than they did before it is referred to as?

A recession.